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Cricut Design space 3 new text features

Posted on 26th July 2017
1- Open up Cricut design space 3 and select the text (1) option. Type your text. You will see that all the text options now appear in a toolbar at the top of your canvas. Select the font type (2).


2-  There is now a new drop down box with all the fonts. If you hover over a specific text the text will scroll so you can see all text and icons available. You will also see that there is an All option. This Will allow you to search through all the fonts available to you online as well as on your PC.


3- If you select system fonts, this will bring up in the font bar all the fonts on your PC only. This is a great way to ensure you are accessing your fonts installed into your PC.


4- If Cricut is selected in the font drop down box, this will only access the Cricut installed fonts and any cricut fonts that you have purchased or available for purchase. This feature of allowing you to "trial" fonts that you can purchase is a great idea.


5- You will also see now in the drop down box that the type of font is shown. There are several types. Single Layer fonts (1) which is a single layer. Multi layer fonts (2) this means there is more than one layer in the font. and Writing fonts (3) These are fonts that would well with the pen tool and you can write instead of cut when using a pen and pen tool on media.


6- When using the writing fonts you cannot simply select the font and expect it to write. You need to select the font then write your text. go to the layers panel and select the font (1). a side box will appear and you will need to select the "write" option (2).


7- Once you have selected the write feature, you will need to go to the text toolbar and select the "type" (1) style and select "writing" in the drop down box (2). The text will now adjust to write.


8- Another new feature is the ability to change single letters and their fonts. You can write your text and in DS2 when you ungrouped the text, you could not change the font again. Now in CDS3 once you ungroup your text you can select the individual letter and change the font.


9- Once you have selected the letter you can now go to the font drop down box and change the font of that individual letter.


10- You can also ungroup multi layered fonts. When you select your text and ungroup, the different layers will upgroup.


11- You can then select one of the layers and change the font of that layer.


12- Another great feature is the advanced text options. You can select your text and go to advanced. You have 3 different options in the drop down box.


13- Ungroup to letters- This will ungroup your text to individual letters. If your font was a multi layered font the layers will stay intact with each letter.


14- Ungroup to lines- When using this option you can ungroup each line of text, keeping the letters grouped but separating each line of text.


15- Ungroup by layer- This ungroup function will separate each layer while at the same time keeping all the letters together.

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