How to Create a Kawaii Cloud in Illustrator
  • By Kia Lor
  • 05 May 2022
  • 5 Mins
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How to Create a Kawaii Cloud in Illustrator

Discover how to quickly and easily create a kawaii cloud in Illustrator.

Creating a kawaii cloud in Illustrator is probably easier than you think, and we’re excited to show you how to do it! After you complete one kawaii cloud, you’ll want to make more!

How to Create a Kawaii Cloud in Illustrator

We have some available on Design Bundles if you would like ready-made kawaii clouds.

Step 1 - Select the Ellipse Tool

Select the Ellipse Tool from the left toolbar. You may have to right-click on a different shape tool and then select the Ellipse Tool.

Select the Ellipse Tool from the left toolbar in Illustrator

Step 2 - Create Overlapping Ellipses

Click + drag to create ellipses that are overlapping. This is how we will make the cloud shape. The outside edges of the ellipses will become the cloud.

Click and drag to create overlapping ellipses

Step 3 - Adjust Ellipses

With the Selection Tool (V), click + drag the ellipses around to where you want them.

Select the Selection Tool and click and drag the ellipses to move them around in Illustrator

Step 4 - Unite Ellipses

Once you’re happy with your cloud's shape, select all the ellipses, open the Pathfinder panel (Window > Pathfinder), and click Unite.

Select all the ellipses and click Unite in the Pathfinder panel

Step 5 - Enter Isolation Mode to Delete Middle Shape if Needed

If you have a shape in the middle similar to ours, double-click on the cloud shape to enter Isolation Mode. Then select the shape in the middle and press Delete. Press Escape to exit Isolation Mode.

Double-click on the cloud to enter Isolation Mode and delete the shape in the middle

Step 6 - Edit the Cloud Fill and Stroke

Fill With a Solid Color

To fill the cloud shape with a solid color, select the cloud and double-click on the Foreground color icon near the bottom of the left toolbar. Then pick the color you want to use and click OK.

Fill the cloud with a solid color

We picked the color #C5D0DD in the example below.

Shows a blue-ish grey cloud in Illustrator

Fill With a Gradient

Add a Gradient for the Foreground

This step is optional. Select the cloud and open the Gradient panel (Window > Gradient). Then click the Foreground color icon in the Gradient panel and click the gradient icon.

Fill the cloud with a gradient

Edit the Gradient

Select -90 for the Angle. Then double-click on the right color stop circle and select a very light blue (#BFE1FF). We left the left color stop circle as white, but you can choose a different color. You can adjust more of the Gradient Slider settings if you’d like.

Edit the gradient so the cloud is white and light blue

Change the Stroke Settings

Open the Stroke panel with the cloud still selected (Window > Stroke). In the Stroke panel, make changes to the cloud’s outline/edge/stroke. We used the following settings:

  • Weight: 5 pt
  • Cap: Butt Cap
  • Corner: Round Join
  • Align Stroke: Align Stroke to Inside

Thicken the Stroke and change the Corner to Round Join in the Stroke panel in Illustrator

Step 7 - Add a Kawaii Face

We created a simple smiling kawaii face using the Ellipse Tool and Curvature Tool. We have a great tutorial on creating kawaii faces in Illustrator that shows you how to create all sorts of kawaii faces.

Add a kawaii face to the cloud to finish the kawaii cloud in Illustrator

Wasn’t that quick and fun?! Now you can create kawaii clouds in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors in Illustrator!

adobe illustrator kawaii ellipse tool

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