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How to import EPS files into Inkscape

Posted on 20th February 2017
1- To use an EPS file in Inkscape, you need to go online and use a converting program. I use a free one called Zamzar. Once on this page, choose the EPS file and follow the prompts to convert your file. You can convert the file to anything from a Jpeg to a PDF.

You will receive and email with a link to go to.


2- Click on the link You receive in your email and this will bring you to your download file. Download it.


3- Open inkscape. Go to File > Open.


4- Select your newly converted EPS file, and select open.


5- A new window will appear. Follow the prompts and select OK.


6-  Your file will now be in your Inkspace design area.


Designs from and the file is called Romantic Vintage Sketches

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