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How to use EPS Files in Photoshop

Posted on 19th November 2016
Ensure that your file has been downloaded and unzipped to use.

1- Open up Photoshop. Select file.


2- Select your background image they you want to use your EPS file on.  I am using a Jpeg file as my background.


3- Your background file will open in your workspace.


4- Open your EPS file.


5- A new box will appear. this is to rasterize the EPS file. Just click OK.


6- The file will appear. As we want to put the EPS file onto our Jpeg background we need to ensure the image on the EPS file is separated from the rest, and that is has a transparent background.
To do this we need to complete a few steps.
Select the quick selection tool in the left toolbar.


7- Once selected you need to select all the white areas. this will then leave little marching ants around all the houses.


8- Once you are happy with the selection, right click on the image and select Inverse. this will reverse the marching ants to when we cut later the houses will stay and the white background can be removed.
Next right click again. This time select Layer via Cut.


9- You will now see 2 layers in the layers palette. Layer 2 is the layer we need to keep so click on layer 2 (1) and drag to the rubbish bin to remove (2)


10- You now have a transparent background. Now we need to cut out the house we need for the image.


11-  On the left toolbar select the rectangle marque tool.


12- Draw around the house you want. Once selected use CtrlC to copy it.


13- Then click Ctrl V to paste the house.  You can now move it to where you would like it to be on your page.


Images are from and the  file is called Watercolor winter landscapes

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