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How to Organize Your Library in Cricut Design Space
  • By Design Bundles
  • 05 Aug 2021
  • 11 Mins
  • Cricut Tutorials

How to Organize Your Library in Cricut Design Space

In this tutorial, learn how to organize your images in your Cricut Design Space Library.

Crafting at times can turn into a huge mess. This can be true for our Digital craft room, such as the one we use in Cricut Design Space. Today we'll learn how to manage our library in Designs Space. This includes all our saved projects as well as our uploaded items.

To begin, open Cricut Design Space and create a new project. This will direct you to the canvas page to access your previous uploads and saved projects.

Step 1 - Access And Organize your Uploads

First, we will learn how to manage our uploads better. We do this when we decide to upload an SVG or clip art design. Start by clicking on the upload icon on the left side of your canvas then clicking Upload image on the next page.

Uploading Files in Design Space

Follow your computer prompts until you get to the Prepare to Upload page. The prepare upload page will allow you to create a title and set descriptive keywords for your design.

Using descriptive keywords can help manage your uploads, making them easier to search for in the feature. Please note that adding titles and keywords can only be done in the upload process and can not be added later.

Title Keyword Upload Design Space

You may have already uploaded this file or have several files in your recent uploads that you don't even use. The next best way to organize your uploads is to delete any unnecessary files that you haven't used for some time.

To delete the files, go to your recent uploads. You can see a few files when you click on the upload icon on the canvas page. Today we will go through all of them. Click on View All next to the recent uploads.

View Recent Uploads Design Space

On this page, you can delete files that you no longer use. To do this, scroll through and select the file you want to delete. Next, click on the "I" on the rectangle box and then click Delete. Continue to do this process until all the unused files are deleted.

Delete Recent Uploads Design Space

Not only are you able to delete uploaded files on this page, but you can use the search tab to look for your files. This is where descriptive keywords that we spoke about before come in handy.

Search uploads Design Space

Another great feature in Cricut is the ability to work with uploaded designs when we are offline. This is helpful because we all know that a bad connection can happen at any time. Make sure to to add your uploads to the offline list. To do this click on the uploaded design and then click Download to be able to use offline.

Offline use Design Space

Step 2- Access and Organize Saved projects

Next, we will access and organized our save projects. You can access your saved project on the Cricut home page by clicking My Projects in the upper right-hand corner. Alternatively select one of the visual projects on the page as well. Please note that you will still have access to the My projects button on the upper right-hand corner of the canvas page as well.

Saved Projects Design Space

Now you can view, search, and edit your saved projects. You can also create a new collection on the left side of your screen. This will allow you to group several projects into one pack for a quick way to access them. Of course, before we edit any items in our library, we should delete the projects we no longer use.

My Project Library Design Space

Scroll through your projects and decide which ones you would like to keep and delete. To delete the ones you no longer want, simply click on the three circles on the top right-hand corner of your project. The project box will turn black, and you will now have the option to click the Delete button on the bottom.

Delete Projects Design Space

Using the 3 tiny circles again click on Edit Project Details.

Edit Details Design Space

Another page will open where you can edit the details of your project. Photos can be added, a brief description, tags, and you can even change who can view the project on this page. Select who can view the project by clicking the down arrow and choose from only you, everyone, or anyone. Please note, to share the link with a friend the design has to be created 100% in Design Space.

Edit Details Design Space

Step 3 - Edit your collections

After you have edited your project you may want to edit the collection as well. Click on Edit collection to change, delete, or create a whole new group for the project.

Edit Collections

After clicking the Edit collection icon, a window will appear where you can select what group you what this project to belong to. If there is no group for this project, you can create a new one. Be aware that Cricut only allows up to 5 free collections until they send you a message to sign up for Cricut Access.

This bunny was made as an Easter file, so I'll place it under Holidays.

Edit Collection Individual projects

You can also use the Organize button on the top to edit collections.

Multiple Projects Edit Collections

A window will pop up just like before. Select all the projects that are similar and then click Next.

Select Similar Images

Now click on the group the best describes the selected projects. For example I'll place these projects under animals.

Project Collection in design Space

Organizing your Cricut library may take some time but it is worth the effort. It saves time by helping to navigate and easily manage your projects and uploaded designs.

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