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How to remove the white background from images in Photoshop

Posted on 27th February 2017
This technique is great if you have scanned image with not a clean background to remove.

1- Open photoshop.


2-  Select the Jpeg file you want to remove the background from.


3- In layers, select the eclipse icon and select Brightness/contrast.


4- Adjust the contrast to make the background as white as possible.


5- Select the layer again and the eclipse icon. This time select the curves.


6- Adjust the curves to brighten the background further.


7-  With the curves layer selected, press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E .you will now have a new flattened layer.


8- Uncheck the eye icons in this layer as we do not need to see them now.


9- Select the Eclipse icon again while your layer is selected. this time select Solid Color.


10- Then image will now go black/grey. If it does not select a black/grey colour.


11-  Select Ctrl + Shift + [ to send to the back.


12- Select your first layer (layer 1) and double click on it.


13- Holding the Alt key drag the right arrow across until you can see your images with out their white background.


14-  create a new layer. (Ctrl + Shift + N)


15-  Holding down the shift key select the first 2 layers. Then select Layer > Merge layers.


16-  using the poly lasso tool select the whole image or the part of the image you want to remove from the background. Once selected use Ctrl + C to copy it.


17- Go to File > New to create a new file. Make sure it is the right size to fit your copied file.


18-  In the new file select Edit > paste (Ctrl + V)  this will now paste the images into your new file. they will now have a transparent background you can paste onto any coloured background or project you are using.

Images are from and the file is called Sea life.

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