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How to remove the background from an image in Illustrator
  • By Design Bundles
  • 27 Mar 2017
  • 1 Min
  • Illustrator Tutorials

How to remove the background from an image in Illustrator

Learn how to remove a background in Illustrator.

1- Open Ai and create a new art board.

2-Click and drag your image into your art board.

3- Adjust your image to fit your art board.

4- On the left toolbar select the stroke colour to black and turn off the fill colour.

5-Select the pen tool (1) and then with the pen tool draw around the image you want(2).

6- Once you have finished tracing the image from the background, select both the image as well as the trace. Right click and select Make clipping mask.

7- your background is now removed and the image you wanted is still on the art board.

There you go, you have successfully removed the background from an image.

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