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How to use digital papers in Inkscape

Posted on 8th March 2018
1- With Inkscape you can use digital papers 2 ways. You can insert your digital paper into your work space and resize to your page, convert to PDF then print.

The other option is to actually insert the digital pattern into the designs/text that you create in Inkscape then save and export to cut in other software.

We will be showing you how to insert your digital paper into your designs/text in this tutorial.

2- Open inkscape.

3-Go to file then import.

4- Select the digital paper you would like to use. I am using glitter textures digital papers from

5- A new window will appear. click OK.

6- Your digital paper will appear in the workspace. You can now resize it if you like and save as PDF then you can print for use.

7- If you want to insert your digital paper into a shape or text the steps are the same as above. next create your shape.

8- Select the digital paper, go to object - pattern - object to pattern.

9- Now select the shape. Go to object - fill and stroke.

10- The fill and stroke window will appear. Select the pattern fill icon.

11- The pattern will now fill in the shape.

12- You can now select the digital paper. and delete it.

13-  You can also fill text with digital papers. Select the text icon and type your text.

14- Repeat the steps above to insert your digital paper. Next change the font on your text to the desired font. I am using Uncle Grump from

15- Select the digital paper and go to object - pattern - object to pattern.

16- Now select the text and go to Object - fill and stroke.

17- In the new  fill and stroke panel select the pattern icon. You will see that the text fills with the previous digital paper you used.

18- To change the digital paper to the one you have just uploaded you will need to click on the drop down box. there you can see the ones you have uploaded. select the newest paper.

19- Now the text will fill with the digital paper you uploaded for your text.

20- From this point you can save as a SVG, or save as a PDF, or print and cu

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