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Silhouette Alta 3D printer modify options

1- Open the Silhouette Alta software. Go to your library/folder to upload your design.


2- Insert your design.


3- Insert a second design.


4- There are 3 different options with the modify functions. To modify any design you will need to place one design over the other.


5- Once your designs are places where they need to be. click on the select all icon.

6- Next you can now select the subtract last from first option.


7- This will remove the shape of the last item you placed  from the first item you placed.


8- The next choice with the modify tools is the subtract first from last. Make sure both designs are selected and then click on the modify icon.


9- As you can see the first design was removed from the last design.


10- Lastly there is the intersect icon. Make sure both design are selected. Click the intersect tool.


11- The intersect tool will remove all parts of both designs apart from the sections that touch (intersect).


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