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Spacing images evenly on a line Brother Scan and Cut Canvas.

Posted on 1st July 2017
1- Log into Brother Scan and Cut Canvas website.

2- Once logged in create a new project.

3- Select the image/ shape you need.


4- Right click and duplicate it.


5-  Move the second shape to approximately where you need to to be. the gap between the shapes needs to be as close as the measurement you need, but not horizontal. We can fix that later.


6- Select both shapes and right click and select duplicate again.


7- Move the duplicated shapes to align with the 2 shapes already there.


8- Repeat the above process until you have as many shapes you need to be in one line. You an select 4 shapes and duplicate to you have 8 and so on.


9-  Select all the shapes.


10- Go to edit and select the align bottom icon.


11- All your shapes will now be aligned together. Select them all.


12- Right click and group the shapes so they do not more from their place.


13- All your shapes are as one single file.


14-  You can now select and duplicate and repeat to cover a page evenly.

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