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Speed line text effect in Adobe Illustrator

Posted on 14th October 2017
1- Open Ai and create a new document.


2- Using the text tool write your text. I am using the font Marthas Vintage font from


3- Right click on your text and choose create outline to convert the text into shapes.


4- Right click again and ungroup.


5- Select every 2nd letter (click and holding the shift key) then move the selected letters upward slightly.


6- Select the rectangle tool and click once on your artboard. A new window will appear. create a rectangle by using the dimensions 50px wide by 5 px high. Click OK.


7- Zoom into your rectangle and select the direct selection tool on your toolbar. Next using the corner widgets drag them inward to create curved corners on your rectangle.


8- Go to view > enable smart guide. This will give you lines when moving objects to you can line up your rectangles later.


9-  Move your rectangle over your first letter. Hold down your ALT key and drag to a new point. This will duplicate your rectangle. Start placing the rectangles by this method on the left sides of your letters. Make some shorter than others.


10- Select everything using the selection tool.


11- Hold the shift key and select all the letters. This will remove them from the selection, leaving only the small rectangles you have places in step 9.


12- go to Object > Transform > Transform each.


13- A new window will pop up. Change the following - vertical scale to 50% (1). Vertical move to 5 px (2). In the align icon select the top (3), make sure preview is selected, then click copy (4).



14- This will copy your previous rectangles and place them below them. Change the colour of the new rectangles to white.


15- Zoom into your text and hold the ALT key white copy and dragging new white rectangles to the right side of your letter.


16- Repeat this randomly all over your text in different places and sizes.


17- Select everything on the art board, then select the magic wand tool.Hold down the ALT key while clicking on one of the white rectangles. This will deselects anything else that is similar. So all your white rectangles will be deselected.


18- Only the black text and rectangles are now selected. Click the unite icon in the pathfinder panel. This will join the text to the rectangles to merge into one outline.


19- Next select object > compound path > make.


20- Select everything then in the pathfinder panel select the minus icon. this will punch out the white shapes from the black letters.


21- Select the first letter with the direct selection tool, then click on the straight corners and drag in the nodes to curve all the straight corners.


22- Repeat on all the letters.


23- Select Object > envelope distort > make with warp.


24- A new window will appear. choose the warp function you want from the drop down box, then adjust the the drop down to 20%.

Click OK.


25-  This will give your text more of a speed effect. and now your text is complete.

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