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Editing text in Adobe Illustrator

Posted on 27th March 2017

1- Open up Ai and create a new art board.

2- Open pathfinder. Windows > Pathfinder.


3-  Select the type tool and write your text. Select the font you would like and adjust your size.


4- We now need to be able to access each letter and its anchor points. to do this select Type > outlines.


5- Next right click on your selected text and ungroup your text.


6- To change the shape of your letters you can click on the anchor points and move them. To moce several anchor points all together you can click and drag around the anchor points you want to move which will select them then holding shift you can drag them all at once as you can see below.


7-  As you can see below, once the anchor points have been moved the fill will adjust also.


8- Another adjustment you can make with pathfinder is you can cut away parts of the text from each other. To do this you will need to move each letter to over lap.


9- once overlapped, select the letter you would like to use to cut  with and copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V).


10- Overlap the letter over the original letter. then move it to the left a few clicks.


11- Once the letter is places where you would like it, go to the pathfinder panel and select the minus option.


12- This will remove the copied letter along with part of the letter it was overlapped. You can do this several imes to get the amount removed you would like.

 13-  Repeat this on each letter to create a cut out effect.

 14- Another way to edit text is to use the character panel. go to Window >  Type > Character.


15-   The character panel will give the option to do the following-

1- Change the font

2- Change the style (bold, italic etc)

3- the distance between each letter.

4- The space between each line.

The font used is from and the font is called Luducudu

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