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Adobe Illustrator Short Cut / Hot Keys

Posted on 14th November 2016
Here we display a list of Illustrator hot keys and short cuts to make your designing a little quicker and easier! Follow the guide below.

Selection V V
Direct Selection A A
Group Selection Shift Shift
Magic Wand Y Y
Lasso Q Q
Pen P P
Add Anchor Point + +
Delete Anchor Point - -
Convert anchor point Shift+C Shift+C
Type T T
Touch type Shift+T Shift+T
Line segment \ \
Rectangle M M
Ellipse L L
Paintbrush B B
Pencil N N
Blob brush Shift+B Shift+B
Artboard Shift+O Shift+O
Eraser Shift+E Shift+E
Scissors C C
Rotate R R
Reflect O O
Scale S S
Width Shift+W Shift+W
Warp Shift+R Shift+R
Free transform E E
Shape builder Shift+M Shift+M
Live paint bucket K K
Live paint selection Shift+L Shift+L
Perspective grid Shift+P Shift+P
Perspective selection Shift+V Shift+V
Mesh U U
Gradient G G
Eyedropper I I
Blend W W
Symbol sprayer Shift+S Shift+S
Column graph J J
Slice Shift+K Shift+K
Hand H H
Zoom Z Z
Toggle fill and stroke X X
Default fill and stroke D D
Swap fill and stroke Shift+X Shift+X
Gradient . .
Colour , ,
None / /
Toggle 3 screen modes F F
Show/hide all panels Tab Tab
Show/hide all but toolbox Shift+Tab Shift+Tab
Increase diameter ] ]
Decrease diameter [ [
Symbolism tools: increase Shift+} Shift+}
Symbolism tools: decrease Shift+{ Shift+{
Toggle drawing mode Shift+D Shift+D


New Ctrl+N Cmd+N
New from template Shift+Ctrl+N Shift+Cmd+N
Open Ctrl+O Cmd+O
Browse in bridge Alt+ctrl+O Opt+ Cmd+O
Close Ctrl+W Cmd+W
Save or save as Ctrl+S  or shift+ctrl+S Cmd+S   or  Shift+ Cmd+S
Save for web Alt+shift+ctrl+S Opt+shift+ Cmd+S
Revert Alt+ctrl+Z Opt+ Cmd+Z
Scripts> other script Ctrl+F12 Cmd+F12
Package Alt+shift+ctrl+P Opt+shift+ Cmd+P
Document setup Alt+ctrl+P Opt+ Cmd+P
File info Alt+shift+ctrl+I Opt+shift+Cmd+I
Print Ctrl+P Cmd+P
Exit Ctrl+Q Cmd+Q


Undo Ctrl+Z Cmd+Z
Redo Shift+ctrl+Z Shift+cmd+Z
Cut Ctrl+X copy Cmd+X
Copy Ctrl+C Cmd+C
Paste Ctrl+V Cmd+V
Paste in front Ctrl+F Cmd+F
Paste in back Ctrl+B Cmd+B
Paste in place Shift+ctrl+V Shift+cmd+V
Paste on all artboards Alt+shift+ctrl+V Opt+shift+cmd+V
Check spelling Ctrl+I Cmd+I
Color settings Shift+ctrl+K Shift+cmd+K
Keyboard shortcuts Alt+shift+ctrl+K Opt+shift+cmd+K
Preferences > general Ctrl+K Cmd+K




Toggle between screen modes: normal screen mode, full screen mode with menu bar, full screen mode F F
Fit imageable area in window Double click hand tool Double click hand tool
Magnify 100% Double click zoom tool Double click zoom tool
Switch to hand tool (when not in text-edit mode) spacebar spacebar
Switch to zoom in magnify mode Ctrl+ spacebar Spacebar + Cmd
Switch to zoom in reduce mode Ctrl+alt+spacebar Spacebar + Cmd+ option
Move zoom marquee while dragging with the zoom tool Spacebar Spacebar
Hide unselected artwork Ctrl+alt+shift+3 Cmd+option+shift+3
Convert between horizontal and vertical guide Alt- drag guide Option- drag guide
Release guide Ctrl+ shift – double click guide Cmd+shift – double click guide
Show/hide artboards Ctrl+shift+H Cmd+shift+H
Show/hide artboard rulers Ctrl+alt+R Cmd+option+R
View all artboards in window Ctrl+alt+0 (zero) Cmd+option + 0 (zero)
Paste in place on the active artboard Ctrl+shift+V Cmd+shift+V
Exit artboard tool mode Esc Esc
Create artboard inside another artboard Shift-drag Shift+drag
Select multiple artboards in the artboard panel Ctrl+click Cmd+ click
Navigate to next document Ctrl+F6 Cmd+F6
Navigate to previous document Ctrl+shift+F6 Cmd+shift+F6
Navigate to next document group Ctrl+Alt+F6 Cmd+ option+ F6
Navigate to previous document group Ctrl+alt+shift+F6 Cmd+option+shift+F6
Exit full screen mode Esc Esc
Save multiple artboards to Ai CS3 or earlier format Alt+v


Opne brush options dialog box Double click brush Double click brush
Duplicate brush Drag brush to new brush button Drag brush to new brush button



Create new spot colour Ctrl- click new swatch button Cmd- click new swatch button
Create new global process colour Ctrl+ shift- click new swatch button Cmd+ shift- click new swatch button
Replace swatch with another Alt- drag a swatch over another Option- drag a swatch over another


Invoke help F1 F1
Cut F2 F2
Copy F3 F3
Paste F4 F4
show/hide brushes panel F5 F5
Show/hide colour panel F6 F6
Show/hide layers panel F7 F7
Create new symbol F8 F8
Show/hide info panel Ctrl+F8 Cmd + F8
Show/hide gradient panel Ctrl+F9 Cmd+F9
Show/hide stroke panel Ctrl+F10 Cmd+F10
Show/hide attributes panel Ctrl+F11 Cmd+F11
Revert F12 F12
Show/hide graphics style panel Shift+F5 Shift+ F5
Show/hide appearance panel Shift+F6 Shift+F6
Show hide align panel Shift+F7 Shift+F7
Show/hide transform panel Shift+F8 Shift+F8
Show/hide pathfinder panel Shift+ctrl+F9 Shift+Cmd+F9
Show/hide transparency panel Shift+ctrl+F10 Shift+cmd+F10
Show/hide symbols panel Shift+ctrl+F11 Shift+cmd+F11
Show/hide perspective grid Ctlr+shift+I Cmd+shift+I


Move selection in user-defined increments Right arrow, left arrow, up arrow, or down arrow

Shift+ right arrow, left
Right arrow, left arrow, up arrow, or down arrow

Shift+ right arrow, left
Move selection in 10x user defined increments Arrow, up arrow, or down arrow Arrow, up arrow, or down arrow
Lock all deselected artwork Ctrl+alt+shift+2 Cmd+opt+shift+2
Constrain movement to 45o angle (except when using Reflect tool) Hold down shift Hold down shift




Switch pen tool to convert anchor point tool Alt Option
Switch between add anchor point tool and delete anchor point tool Alt Option
Switch scissors tool to add anchor point tool Alt Option
Switch pencil tool to smooth tool Alt  Option
Move current anchor point while drawing with pen tool Spacebar- drag Spacebar – drag
Cut a straight line with knife tool Alt – drag Option – drag
Cut 45o or 90o with knife tool Shift+ alt - drag Shift + option – drag
Use shape mode buttons in pathfinder panel to create compound paths Alt+ shape mode Option + shape mode
Erase unwanted closed regions created using shape builder tool Alt+ click the closed region Option + click the closed region
Select shape builder tool Shift + M Shift+M
Display rectangular marquee to easily merge multiple paths(when using shape builder tool) Shift + click + drag Shift+click+drag


Switch to last-used selection tool (selection tool, direct tool or group selection tool) Ctrl Cmd
Switch between direct selection tool and group selection tool Alt Option
Add to selection with selection tool, direct selection tool, group selection tool, live paint section tool or magic wand tool Shift – click Shift – click
Subtract a selection with selection tool, direct Shift – click Shift – click
Subtract from selection with magic wand tool Alt - click Option – click
Add to selection with lasso tool Shift – drag Shift – drag
Subtract from selection with lasso tool Alt – drag Option – drag
Change pointer to cross hair for lasso tool Caps lock Caps lock
Select artwork in active artboard Ctrl + alt+A Cmd+ opt+A
Create crop marks around selected object Alt + c + o
Select behind an object Ctrl + click x2(click twice) Cmd + click x2(click twice)
Select behind in isolation mode Ctrl + click x2(click twice) Cmd + click x2(click twice)

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