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Adobe Photoshop Short Cuts / Hot Keys

Posted on 14th November 2016
Welcome to the Photoshop Short Cuts and Hot Keys tutorial. Here we display a handy table on how you can cut down time on your design work with these easy to use short cuts.

Move Tool V V
Rectangular Marquee Tool M M
Elliptical Marquee Tool M M
Lasso Tool L L
Polygonal lasso tool L L
Magnetic lasso tool L L
Magic wand tool W W
Quick selection tool W W
Crop tool C C
Slice select tool C C
Slice C C
Eyedropper tool I I
Color sampler tool I I
Ruler tool I I
Note tool I I
Count tool I I
Spot healing tool J J
Healing brush tool J J
Patch tool J J
Red eye tool J J
Brush tool B B
Pencil tool B B
Color replacement tool B B
Mixer brush tool B B
Clone stamp tool S S
Pattern stamp tool S S
History brush tool Y Y
Art history tool Y Y
Eraser tool E E
Background eraser tool E E
Magic Eraser tool E E
Gradient tool G G
Paint bucket tool G G
Dodge tool O O
Burn tool O O
Sponge tool O O
Pen tool P P
Freeform pen tool P P
Horizontal type tool T T
Vertical type tool T T
Horizontal type mask tool T T
Vertical type mask tool T T
Path selection tool A A
Direct selection tool A A
Rectangle tool U U
Rounded rectangle tool U U
Ellipse tool U U
Polygon tool U U
Line tool U U
Custom shape tool U U
3D object rotate tool K K
3D object roll tool K K
3D object slide tool K K
3D object pan tool K K
3D object scale tool K K
3D camera rotate tool N N
3D camera roll tool N N
3D camera pan tool N N
3D camera walk tool N N
3D camera zoom tool N N
Hand tool H H
Rotate view tool R R
Zoom tool Z Z


Adjustment > Levels Ctrl+L Cmd+L
Adjustment > Curves Ctrl+M Cmd+M
Adjustment > Hue/saturation Ctrl+U Cmd+U
Adjustment > Color balance Ctrl+B Cmd+B
Adjustment > Black and white Alt+Shift+Ctrl+B Opt+Shift+Cmd+B
Adjustment > Invert Ctrl+I Cmd+I
Adjustment > Desaturate Shift+Ctrl+U Shift+Cmd+U
Auto Tone Shift+Ctrl+L Shift+Cmd+L
Auto contrast Alt+Shift+Ctrl+L Opt+Shift+Cmd+L
Auto color Shift+Ctrl+B Shift+Cmd+B
Image size Alt+Ctrl+I Opt+Cmd+I
Canvas size Alt+Ctrl+C Opt+Cmd+C
Record measurements Shift+Ctrl+M Shift+Cmd+M


New > Layer Shift+Cnrl+N Shift+Cmd+N
New > Layer via copy Ctrl+J Cmd+J
New > Layer via cut Shift+ Ctrl+J Shift+Cmd+J
Create/release clipping mask Alt+ Ctrl+G Opt+Cmd+G
Group layers Ctrl+G Cmd+G
Ungroup layers Shift+ Ctrl+G Shift+Cmd+G
Arrange > Bring to front Shift+ Ctrl+] Shift+Cmd+]
Arrange > Bring forward Ctrl+] Cmd+]
Arrange > Send backward Ctrl+[ Cmd+[
Arrange > Send to back Shift+ Ctrl+[ Shift+Cmd+[
Merge layers Ctrl+E Cmd+E
Merge visible Shift+ Ctrl+E Shift+Cmd+E


Select all Ctrl+A Cmd+A
Deselect all Ctrl+D Cmd+D
Reselect Shift+ Ctrl+D Shift+Cmd+D
Inverse Shift+ Ctrl+I     or     Shift+F7 Shift+Cmd+I    or      Shift F7
All layers Alt+ Ctrl+A Opt+Cmd+A
Find layers Alt+shift+ Ctrl+F Opt+Shift+Cmd+F
Refine edges Alt+ Ctrl+R Opt+Cmd+R
Modify > feather Shift+F6 Shift+F6





Proof colors Ctrl+Y Cmd+Y
Gamut warning Shift+ Ctrl+Y Shift+ Cmd+Y
Zoom in Ctrl++ Ctrl+= Cmd+ + Cmd+=
Zoom out Ctrl+- Cmd+-
Fit on screen Ctrl+0 Cmd+0
100% Ctrl+1   or    Alt+ Ctrl+0 Cmd+1     or Opt+ Cmd+0
Extras Ctrl+H Cmd+H
Show > target path Shift+ Ctrl+H Shift+ Cmd+H
Show > grid Ctrl+’ Cmd+’
Show > guides Ctrl+; Cmd+;
Rulers Ctrl+R Cmd+R
Snap Shift+ Ctrl+; Shift+ Cmd+;
Lock guides Alt+ Ctrl+; Opt+ Cmd+;


Show/Hide Polygons > Within selection Alt+ Ctrl+X Opt+ Cmd+X
Show/Hide Polygons > Reveal all Alt+shift+ Ctrl+X Opt+shift+Cmd+X
Show/Hide Polygons > Render Alt+shift+ Ctrl+R Opt+shift+ Cmd+R


Last filter Ctrl+F Cmd+F
Adaptive wide angle Alt+shift+ Ctrl+A Opt+Shift+ Cmd+A
Camera raw filter Shift+ Ctrl+A Shift+ Cmd+A
Lens correction Shift+ Ctrl+R Shift+ Cmd+ R
Liquefy Shift+ Ctrl+X Shift+ Cmd+X
Vanishing point Alt+ Ctrl+V Opt+Cmd+V

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