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Place images inside text in Adobe Illustrator

Posted on 27th March 2017

1- Open Ai and  create a new art board.

2- Drag and drop your photo into the artboard.


3-  Select embedded from the top toolbar, then adjust the size of your image to fit the art board.


4- Type your text.


5- Resize the text and ensure the font you would like to use is selected.


6- Remove the fill colour in the left toolbar.


7- Select the stroke option and select black or a colour you can see. this will be your guide to place the text and maximize the image you will fill with.


8- Adjust the stroke size so you can see it clearly over the image. I usually use 3 point.


9- Resize again and move text so you can see where you want the image to be in your text.


10-  A clipping mask will not work unless your text is in front of your image. so to check this select your text, right click go to Arrange > Bring to front.


11- Now you have your text at the front select both the image and the text. Right click and select Make clipping mask.


12- Once you have selected the clipping mask option the image will disappear apart from the text.


The font used is from and the font is called Luducudu

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