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How to Warp text in Adobe Illustrator

Posted on 27th March 2017

1- Open Ai and create a new art board.

2- Select the text tool.


3- Type your text and select your font.


4-  With your text selected, go to Object > Envelope distort > Make with warp.


5- A new window will appear.


6-  First thing to do is select the preview option. this will let you see what each option does without actually changing the file permanently.


7- In the style drop down box you can select what type of warp you would like. I have selected Arc.


8- The first option is the bend option. this will affect how much the text will bend.


9- Next is the horizontal option. you can have the text warp from left to right.


10-  The vertical option will let the text warp from top to bottom.


11- Lastly the top horizontal/vertical option with change the whole text to go on its side or across. once this is selected you can still adjust the other options which will create more warp options.


The font used is from and the font is called lovely.

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