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Tiling feature in Silhouette V4.1

Posted on 2nd October 2017
*business edition.

1- Open Silhouette Studio.


2- Insert the image/design you would like to use. Im using Mandalay Mandalas from


3- In the right toolbar select the little arrow, then the media layout tab.


4- Ensure that you have set up the mat size and the media size first.


5- Select the last option in the list, the tiling icon. Then ensure that the tiling active icon is checked. This will let you see in the split screen each part of the tiling.


6- On the image side you can see that each tile is numbered and you can see where each section will be divided with the small lines and red nodes.


7- When adjusting the tiles in the media screen, then preview tiles will also adjust to show you on the mat where it will cut.


8- You have several configuring options. Relative to job will adjust your tiles to the size of the image you are cutting.


9- Relative to media will place the tiles to the size of your media, which will most likely be the same size as your mat.


10- User defined give you the option to adjust the size of the media and size of the image with the slider tool to suit your needs.


11-  You can also configure to a regular grid. You can do this automatically, custom or use a regular grid. Using a regular grid you can adjust the size of each tile via the sliders  and also how many columns and rows of tile you have.


12- Custom option allows you to drag the red nodes to where you would like your tiles to be.


13- The margin gives you the option to leave a margin or gap between each tile when cutting. This can be useful when lining up designs.


14- You also have an option to select only a few of the tiles you want to cut so you do not have to cut all of the tiles. this is a great feature if one tile accidentally gets damaged and you need to re cut just one or 2 of them.

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