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Using the Actions Tool in Cricut Design Space Mobile App
  • By Design Bundles
  • 22 Jun 2018
  • 8 Mins
  • Beginner
  • Cricut Tutorials

Using the Actions Tool in Cricut Design Space Mobile App

Today, learn how to use the Actions tool in the Cricut Design Space mobile app.

Today we’ll show you how to use the Actions tool in the Cricut Design Space mobile app. Functions such as group/ungroup, attach/detach, weld, slice, and more are found in the Actions toolbar. We’ll go over each one so you can get a better understanding of how to use them.

Step 1 - Add Some Shapes

With your project open, tap the Shapes icon at the bottom and select a couple of shapes.

Tap the Shapes icon and select some shapes in the Cricut Design Space mobile app

Step 2 - Open the Actions Toolbar

Tap on the Actions icon at the bottom. A new toolbar will appear with several functions you can use in your design process. The functions will be greyed out if you can’t use them.

Tap the Actions icon to open the Actions toolbar

Step 3 - Select a Function


Select one or more objects and tap Delete to remove them.

Select objects and tap Delete


Duplicate is a quick way to make a copy of an object. Select one or more objects and tap Duplicate.

Select objects and tap Duplicate to make copies in Cricut Design Space mobile app

Group Objects

Select two or more objects and tap on Group. The objects will now move as one object. You’ll see in the Layers panel that the objects are now under the same group.

Select two or more objects and tap Group

Ungroup Objects

To separate the grouped objects, you can use Ungroup. The layers will no longer be grouped together.

Select the grouped objects and tap Ungroup to separate them


Attach will hold the objects together, similar to grouping objects, but the objects will stay in the same arrangement when sent to the mat for cutting. Notice that the attached objects are under the same “Attached Set” in the Layers panel.

Select objects and tap Attach

See the following image for a preview of the cut of our attached shapes compared to when they’re not attached.

Shows previews of what the objects from above look like when attached and not attached


If you need to move your objects or don’t want to keep the arrangement when cutting, you can use Detach.

Select attached objects and click Detach in Cricut Design Space mobile app


Select two or more objects and click on Weld to combine the objects into one. They’ll then be cut out as a single object. You’ll see below that the two layers become one layer.

Note: you can weld objects that are not overlapping, which may seem to work like Attach, but after welding, you won’t be able to pull the objects apart.

Select two or more objects and tap Weld

Slice Objects

Slice can be used with two overlapping objects to cut them out from each other. The objects will be cut along the edges where they’re overlapping, creating multiple pieces.

See our example below for a better understanding, and read our tutorial on using the Slice function with text if you'd like to learn more.

Select two overlapping objects and tap Slice

Flatten Objects

Use Flatten to turn cuttable objects into a printable image. Select all the objects you want as part of the print image and click Flatten.

Select objects and tap Flatten to make cuttable objects printable in Cricut Design Space mobile app

Unflatten Objects

Unflatten will reverse the Flatten, but the Operation of the unflattened objects will still be Print Then Cut. You can change the Operation in the Edit toolbar if needed.

Select the flattened objects and tap Unflatten

Advanced Functions

Under Advanced, you’ll find Ungroup to Layers, Ungroup to Letters, and Ungroup to Lines. These are tools for text objects.

Ungroup to Layers

This option is for multilayered fonts. You can separate the text into layers if you only want some or one of the layers.

Ungroup to Letters

Separate the letters into individual objects using Ungroup to Letters. This is great if you need the letters to fit together for welding or to edit the letters individually.

Select the text object and tap Ungroup to Letters

Ungroup to Lines

This is similar to Ungroup to Letters, but it separates the text into lines.

Select text object and tap Ungroup to Lines


If your one object has multiple cut lines, you can use Contour to hide the lines you don’t want to cut. Select your object and tap on Contour. When the Contour window opens, tap the lines you want to hide. The hidden lines will be greyed out, and the actual object will reflect the changes. To show a cut line again, simply tap on it.

Select the object, tap Contour, and tap the cut lines to hide or show them

And just like that, you know all about using the Actions tool in the Cricut Design Space mobile app. Now that you have a better understanding of the functions in the Actions toolbar, why not take a look at how to use the Edit toolbar.

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