Laser Engraving Templates

Laser engraving can either involve etching patterns, words or designs on a wide range of materials, or cutting those materials into intricate structures. You can turn a plain box of wood into a treasure chest, or customize silverware for a wedding.

While etching can be used on almost any surface, including marble and cardboard; cutting is more limited due to its mechanically intense nature. Mostly paper, cork, wood and some kinds of plastics can be cut. This cutting replaces manually carving out pieces of materials to create pieces of art, which is a tedious, error-ridden task.

However, with the right laser engraving machine, the process is cleaner and the final product neater. Using the engraver also makes the process of creating fine, complex and repetitive details a walk in the park. With the right settings, like wattage and speed, you can create any design you want in a matter of seconds. Also, there are numerous downloadable DXF files available for you to experiment with. There are files specifically for cutting paper or plastic with every single possible pattern you can imagine. However, it is important to test out the laser before starting on a project; maybe try and cut out circles just to make sure everything is set correctly.

The patterns or images to be used with such engravings can be downloaded either as free packages offered in our website or as bundles from professionals at great offers.



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