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Applying a dash/fold line to create a card blank in Brother Scan and Cut Canvas

Posted on 23rd June 2017
1- Log into Brother Scan and Cut Canvas website.


2- Once logged in create a new project.

3- Go to the basic shape option and select a shape. This will be used to create a card blank. Select the shape.


4-  Select the properties icon. Adjust the size of your shape to your needs. (ie- if you want a 5 inch square card change the shape size to 10 x 5 inches.)


5- You shape will now be the size you require.


6-  Select the path icon in the toolbar.


7- While holding the shift key on your PC down, draw a line across your card. (The shift key held down will ensure your line is kept straight.)

Once you have finished the line double click on the line (still holding the shift key down.)


8- Select the line you just created. Then click on the properties icon. A new window will appear.


9- In the properties window go to the dash pattern drop down box and select the effect you would like. An evenly spaced dash line is perfect for a card blank.


10-  You can see here the dash line. when you go to cut the scan and cut will cut the tiny lines. This will make it easier to fold your card with a crisp fold.


11-  Select both the line and the shape together.


12-  Select the edit option and then using the align tool align the dashed line with the centre and middle option. This will make sure the dash line is perfectly in the middle of your card blank.


13-  With both the shape and the dash line still selected, right click and select group.


14- Both the shape and line are now grouped together and you can now move it around the virtual canvas together.

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