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Brother Scan and Cut Canvas Process overlap functions

Posted on 13th June 2017
1- Log in to Brother Scan and cut canvas online.


2- Create a new project.

3- Go to the basic shape option and create 2 different shapes on the canvas. We will use these 2 shapes to show the features of the process overlap functions.


4- Overlap the 2 shapes. Select both shapes.


5-  Go to the edit tab. A drop down box will appear. in the process overlap options there are 4 icons. They represent the following.






6- WELD-  This is when the 2 shapes weld together to create one solid area.


7-  DIVIDE- This will divide all parts of the shapes that overlap. Each section will become its own shape just like pieces of a jigsaw.


8- Divide is also great to create apertures in shapes. Useful also for apertures in cards. Just place one shape over the second shape and ensure no edge is touching and the divide will "cookie cutter" the shape out.


9-  REMOVE OVERLAPPED-  This function will cut one shape out of another shape. Depending on what shape is layered on top of the other will determine what will be cut out of the other. foe eg. If you have a square and a star like below the square was placed on the work space first and the star on top. the star will cut its shape out of the square where it overlapped. If you wanted the square to cut out of the star you would need to ensure the square was the top layer.


10- SUBTRACT- The subtract function will remover and cut out the top shape from the bottom shape. Again it is important to know what layer is on top before using this function as this will affect what gets subtracted from what shape.

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