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Create a knock out effect in text with Silhouette V4.1

Posted on 20th October 2017

1- Open Silhouette studio.


2- Type your text. Change the font and size to your needs. I am using Marthas Vintage font from


3- Insert the image you want to use for your knock out effect.


4- Resize the image to fit your text.


5-  Place the image over the text where you would like it. Select both image and text,right click and group.


6- Right click again and copy and paste. Move the copy away from your original grouped image/text.


7- Reselect the original grouped image/text and right click, then ungroup.


8- With the original text and image selected, go to the side panel and click on the modify tool.

Select subtract.


9- The image will be subtracted from the text.


10- Select the copy. Right click and ungroup.


11- Select both image and text with the copy and in the modify panel click on crop.


12- The top section is not cropped. Select all of the parts that were cropped and group.


13- Select all the top text parts and group those also.


14- Drag the top part to the bottom part and insert the knock out part by lining it up. Select both and group.


15- Click on send and you will see in the color fill section of the cut screen that you can cut each section separately then join when cut.

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