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How to create an inlay text effect in SCAL4

Posted on 5th February 2018
*Note SCAL4 pro was used.

1- Open SCAL4 software.

2-Write the text in the font you would like to use. I am using Lovely Melissa font from


3- Next create the shape/card you would like to inlay the text in. I have creates a rectangle.


4- Right click on the text and ungroup it.


5- Move each letter so they overlap.


6- Select all the text and go to Path then select Union. This will weld the text together.


7- Select the text and right click. Copy and paste to create a copy.

8- Move the second text to one side.

9- Move the text to overlap your shape. make sure that the text is at the front and the rectangle is behind.


10-Select both the text and shape. go to Path and then Back minus Front.


11- The text will be cut out of the top of your shape.


12- Move the text over the gaps so it inlays into your shape.


13- You can change the thickness of your line to see the text clearer.

14- This technique can be used to cut out and inlay on a card, or you can fill in the shape and text and print as an inlay then cut around the outer edge. as a print and cut.

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