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How to Curve Text in Photoshop

There are two ways to curve text in Photoshop, with warped text and with text on path. For this tutorial, we are using an eclipse and The Bigman font family.


Option 1: Using Warped Text


Step 1: Add the text


In Photoshop, create a new document or open the one you want to work with.

Horizontal type tool in Photoshop


Select the Type tool (T), choose your font, and type your text (we used Bigman Cut Regular @ 80 pt, centered and black as fill color).

Type text in Photoshop


Step 2: Warp the text

With the Type tool (T) still selected, click on the create warped text button on the top menu.

Create warped text in Photoshop


Choose arc, click the horizontal radio button and use the values that fit your image (we used a +50% bend).

Warp text settings in Photoshop


Step 3: Change bend direction

To bend it in the opposite direction, duplicate the text layer (command/control + J).

Duplicate layer in Photoshop


Double-click on top of the effect thumbnail, and reverse the bend value (we used -50%).

Warp text settings in Photoshop


Now, you can reposition and maybe change the color of the text. Notice that this option will deform your letters.

Color picase color in Photoshop


Option 2: Use type on path


Step 1: Duplicate or add your text

For the second option, use the type tool (T) to select the text and copy it (command/control + C).

Copy in Photoshop


Step 2: Create a circle

Select the ellipse tool (L).

Ellipse tool in Photoshop


Make sure that path is selected in the top menu and create a circle.

Ellipse values in Photoshop


Step 3: Add the text to the circle

With the type tool (T) click on the path and then right-click and choose paste to paste the text (command/control + V).

Paste in Photoshop


Pasted text in Photoshop


Step 4: Reposition your text

With the path selection tool (A) click on the small black and white arrows close to your text and drag it to reposition it to where you want it.

Path selection tool in Photoshop


Move text in Photoshop


If you want you can resize the path and text using the transform tool. (command/control + T) or go to edit > free transform. While holding the shift + option/alt keys, drag the corner nodes of the transform box towards the center to scale the path. Holding the option/alt and shift keys, forces to transform from the center and in the same aspect ratio. Hit enter or click on the small checkmark to commit the changes.

Free transform in Photoshop


Step 5: Change the text direction and/or position


To place text on the bottom (or sides). Duplicate the text layer (command/control + J).

Duplicate layer in Photoshop


And use the path selection tool (A) to move the text to the bottom (or any other position).

Path selection tool in Photoshop


If you drag the text to the inside of the circle you can also change its placement.

Place text inside path in Photoshop


Step 6: Adjust the text

If the spacing between letters is off, you can adjust it in the character panel. Don’t forget to select the text before doing it.

Adjust text settings in Photoshop


You can also click on the toggle text orientation button on the top menu too.

Toggle text orientation in Photoshop


Adjust the letter spacing if needed.

Change text settings in Photoshop


Check it out.

Curve text in Photoshop


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