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Dripping Blood in Photoshop

Posted on 27th October 2017
This tutorial can be a continuation to our “Black Eyes in Photoshop” tutorial or can be used by itself. You will need an image of a face to apply the dripping blood to.

1 – Open your image and create a new layer by clicking on the button at the bottom of your “Layers Panel” and name it “Blood”. (If you are working with the file used for the “Black eyes” tutorial make sure your layer is under the “Color Lookup” layer. If you think your image is too dark you can turn that layer off while you work and turn it on again after you finished).

2 – Select your “Lasso Tool” (L) and draw your dripping blood freehand. To add more blood and don’t lose your selection click the “Shift” key while drawing.

3 – When you are satisfied select the “Select and Mask” button from the top menu and tweak some of the values in “Feather” around 15 px and in “Contrast” around 75 % to make your edges smooth. Use a “Black & White” Selection mask in “View Mode”. Click OK.

4 – Choose your “Brush Tool” (B) choose a deep red color. Make its Size 80 px, Mode: Multiply and Flow: 12 %. In your “Brush” menu make Hardness and Spacing: 25%. In “Shape Dynamics” make the “Size Jitter” 100%. Use a “Scattering” of 40%. In “Transfer” use an “Opacity Jitter” of 30%. Then paint your blood. You can use Command/Control + H to hide your selection. Go over as many times you like to get some depth in your blood. Once you are satisfied you can deselect your drips (Command/Control + D).

5 – Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and give it a value of 1.8.

6 – Select some of your blood drops and go to Edit > Transform > Distort and tweak your blood. (You can use “Skew” or some of the other options too).

7 – Double-click on your layer ad apply the following “Blending Options” in the “Layer Styles” dialog window:

Bevel & Emboss: (Shadow mode color # 480101)


Inner Shadow: (Blend mode color # 5a0000)

Outer Glow:

8 – With your “Smudge Tool” (S) select a brush that has 0% Hardness and play around with your blood to make it more realistic. If you are not happy with something go to your “History” panel and undo some of your steps.

9 – Turn your “Color Lookup” layer on again and change the layer “Blending Mode” to “Linear Light” and lower it’s “Fill” to 70%.

10 – Check out your image!

(You may have to play around with your Blending Options in “Step 8” because depending on your image choice the values applied may need to change a bit).

by @lornacane

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