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How To Backup, Export and Import Your Silhouette Library
  • By Design Bundles
  • 05 Jun 2017
  • 6 Mins
  • Silhouette Tutorials

How To Backup, Export and Import Your Silhouette Library

Learn how to backup, export, and import your Silhouette library.

When working in Silhouette Studio, you may have wondered at some point “How do I export my Silhouette Library”? Many were concerned they may lose their files when moving from V3 to V4. We will show you how to back up, export and import your Silhouette Library in V4 of Silhouette Studio.

Please note that for this tutorial we are using version 4.4 of Silhouette Studio. If you are using an earlier version you can follow our video below for more help.

In Silhouette Studio your purchased files will automatically be synced to the cloud. So when registering on another computer your files will become available to download. The cloud will only be an option to sync and not as a storage for your library. This is why having a backup that includes your own designs is an important step in keeping your library safe.

Step 1 - Export the Library

Click on Silhouette Studio to open it and then click on the Library icon top right.

Click on Library icon in Silhouette

In the Library window you will see all of your downloaded files on the right. On the top left the username of the Silhouette Studio account will appear. Beneath this are the categories for the designs.

Click on the username to open the menu option. Now click on Library Export.

Access Library Export option Silhouette

A new window will appear asking you to choose a location to save your Library to. Click on Browse Computer and choose a location. When naming your folder, it is a good idea to include the date that it was exported.

Select location to save Library

Once you have chosen a location and named your file, click on OK. You will be taken back to the previous window. Here you will see the file location and the Export button will now be active.

Export location of Silhouette Library

An Exporting progress bar will appear once you click on Export. It may take some time depending on the size of your library to export. So during this time, make sure your computer does not go to sleep or you accidentally close the Export window.

Once this is complete you will be able to go to the saved location and find the Silhouette Library file.

Silhouette Studio saved to computer

Your Silhouette Studio Library has now been backed up and exported. You can go ahead and transfer it to an external drive or save to a cloud service.

Step 2 - Import your Library into Silhouette Studio

Plug your external drive into your new computer, open Silhouette Studio, then go to the Library panel. Once again, click on the user account name and this time select Library Import.

Access Library Import option Silhouette

Locate where your Library file is stored then click on it to open. You will be asked to sign in before importing. Sign in with your details to continue.

Import library sign in Silhouette

Silhouette Studio will then begin importing the Library.

Import progress bar in Silhouette

When the import is complete, your Library will be displayed with the categories on the left and designs on the right.

There is an alternative way to import your library into Silhouette Studio. In the Design panel, go to File > Library > Import Library and follow the setup.

Alternate way to import library Silhouette

That’s all there is to knowing how to backup, export and import your Silhouette Library. We hope this tutorial answers the question of “How do I export my Silhouette Library?”. You can now easily move your library from one computer to the next or have a backup for future reference.

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