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How to backup/export and import your silhouette library

Posted on 5th June 2017

With version 4 of the Silhouette studio software now released, many people are concerned that they may loose all their files when transferring from V3 to V4. This tutorial below will show you how to back up your library and then install in V4.

Please note I am using V4 software to show how to back up, but V3 is the same process.

1- Open up silhouette studio and go to your library. in V4 it is at the top right of your design space. In V3 it is on the left toolbar.


2- To backup all of your files that are not on the silhouette cloud, select the local user option.


3- Right click on the local user and select export local user.


4-  A new window will open and you can now save the file.


5-  Dependent on the size of your files this may take a few minutes. A progress bar will let you know how long is left.


6- To back up the files you have on the silhouette cloud it is a similar process.

Right click on the email associated with the cloud account. a new window will appear. Then select Export "your email address"  which will be the top icon. A new window will appear and you can save as you did with the local user option.


7-  To import back into your software go to File > Library > Import library. Make sure you do not select "import to library" as this is a different setting.

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