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How to Change a Cricut Blade
  • By Nadine Spires
  • 27 Feb 2023
  • 18 Mins
  • Beginner
  • Cricut Tutorials

How to Change a Cricut Blade

In this Cricut guide, discover how to change blades between projects and replace dull blades.

Do you want to know how to change a Cricut blade? Discover how to swap out blade housings for different projects. You will also learn how to easily replace dull blades that no longer cut properly. We will help you keep your crafting tools in tip top shape with this Cricut guide on blades.

During this tutorial we will be demonstrating blade housing and blades for the Cricut Maker and the Cricut Joy machine. The Fine Point and Deep Point blades are also compatible with the Explore series.

Feeling confused or overwhelmed by the numerous blades available? Then join us as Crystal explains what each Cricut blade can do in the video below.

Cricut Joy Cutting Machine Blade

The Cricut Joy cutting machine is a fantastic little crafting companion. But don’t be fooled by its size, this cutting machine is quite powerful and very capable of handling a number of projects. You can make customized acrylic keychains, Cricut Joy cards and even an awesome glitter t-shirt.

Remove the Blade from the Carriage

You can find three types of tools for the Cricut. These include a standard cutting blade, the foil tool and pens specifically designed for use with this machine. The cutting blade consists of a blade housing and blade tip.

To remove the blade housing, pull open the blue clamp and remove the cutting blade. Replace with another tool or the cutting blade. Gently hold your one finger on the white side of the carriage so it won’t move around, and then close the blue clamp.

Change blade on Cricut Joy cutting machine

Replace the Cricut Joy Cutting Blade

After some time, your cutting blade will begin to dull and no longer cut properly. Changing the cutting blade for a new one is very easy with the replacement blades. You don’t need to buy another housing unless you want to. Your packaging may differ to the one below but the replacement blades are sold as one per pack.

Change Cricut blades - New Cricut Joy blade in packaging

Once you have removed the blade housing from the carriage, you will see a white plunger at the top.

Cricut Joy Blade housing - Plunger at top of blade

Press this plunger down to extend the blade out at the bottom of the housing.

Press plunger to extend blade - Cricut Joy

The blade is held inside the housing by a magnet. With the blade extended, gently grip the base just above the blade and pull the blade out. You want to avoid touching the sharp blade as you may cut yourself! Remove the new blade from the protective packaging, and then remove the protective silicone cap.

Remove protective cap on new Cricut Joy blade

Hold the blade by the cylindrical area and place the top, pointed edge in the opening of the housing. The blade must be facing out. Gently push the blade into the housing and the magnet will take over, holding it in place.

Replace Cricut Joy Blade

There you go, you have just replaced the Cricut Joy blade and you’re ready to start crafting again!

Cricut Maker Cutting Machine Blades

The Cricut Maker series of cutting machines have a selection of tools to choose from. Let’s show you how to change out the blades for use with different projects.

The Cricut Maker has a Fine Point and Deep Point blade that have the same housings but different colors. The blades are also different but both are replaced in the exactly the same way as the Cricut Joy blade.

The Rotary blade, Knife blade and QuickSwap housing all have a gear at the top for the drive housing. The gear is half covered by a plastic top and these blade housings need to be inserted into the carriage in a specific way. Don’t worry, we will show you how to do this.

Cricut Maker and Cricut Joy Blades

Change the Cricut Maker Blades

On your Maker, open the clamp for the carriage on the right side. You may find that this can be a little difficult to open. With the clamp open, make sure the silver part of the carrier opens to the left side so that you can remove the blade.

Take your Fine Point blade out of the carriage. We are now going to insert the QuickSwap housing. This process is the same for the Rotary blade and the Knife blade.

Hold the Quick Swap housing so that the plastic cap is facing out and the gear is facing the machine. Now, insert the housing into the carrier so that the gear is flush with the gear on the machine. Close the silver clamp over the housing first, then close over the white clamp and click into place.

Change Cricut Maker blades

Replace Dull or Damaged Cricut Maker Blades

The blades for the Cricut Maker are fairly easy to replace but each one is done so in a different way. We will take you step by step through the process of how to change a Cricut blade on your Maker.

The Cricut Explore series is not compatible with the Knife blade, Rotary blade and QuickSwap housing. The machines work with the Fine Point and Deep Point blades including the Fabric Blades. The process of replacing these blades is the same for the Explore series.

The Fine Point and Deep Point Blades

Replacing the blades for the Fine Point and Deep Point blades is exactly the same as changing the blade for the Cricut Joy.

The Fine Point replacement blades are sold either as 2-pack of silver blades or a single gold Premium blade. The Deep Point replacement blades are black, making them easier to identify as they extend further out of the housing than the Fine Point.

Cricut Fine Point and Deep Point blades

To replace the blade, push in the plunger to extend the blade out and remove it. Then, push in the new blade and the magnet will hold it in place.

Press plunger on Fine Point blade to extend

The Rotary Blade

The Rotary Blade looks like a cutting wheel. You get a replacement blade kit to safely change out this wheel, although your packaging may differ to the one below.

Packaging for Cricut Rotary blade replacement kit

The kit consists of two plastic holders, one with the new blade, and a small screwdriver. In the image below, the plastic holder containing the blade is seen on the left-hand side.

Rotary blade replacement kit - how to change a Cricut blade

At the bottom of the plastic holder is a circular opening. The housing needs to be inserted with the screw facing this side. Slot the Rotary blade housing into the empty plastic container blade until you hear it click into place.

Slot Rotary blade into plastic holder

Use the screwdriver to loosen the screw.

Unscrew blade from Rotary housing - Cricut guide

Remove the screw and lay safely to the side so you don’t lose it. Next, remove the Rotary Blade housing from the plastic holder. The blade will remain behind.

Remove Rotary blade screw and store safely

Next, slot the Rotary Blade into the second plastic holder that contains the new blade. Place it with the screw opening facing the opening of the holder.

Replace the screw and tighten just enough so the screw doesn’t move. Don’t over tighten as it will make the movement of the blade too stiff. Remove the blade housing from the plastic holder.

Slot Rotary housing into second holder with blade

Test the blade by gently running it in a straight line across a mat. If you see any wobbling, place back in the holder and tighten a little more. If the wheel doesn’t move smoothly or freely, loosen the screw ever so slightly. You can throw away the container that holds your old blade.

The Knife Blade

The Knife Blade also comes with an easy to use kit to safely change the Cricut blade. Included in the kit is a new blade and a changing cap.

Knife blade replacement kit for Cricut

Open the packing and remove the white changing cap. Place this over the end of the Knife Blade. Now, gently hold the top with the gear and plastic cover to prevent it from moving. Twist the changing cap counterclockwise to loosen the blade cap.

Use changing cap to unscrew blade cap - Cricut Knife blade

Once the blade cap has been loosened, remove the blade by tipping it out. It should slot out quite easily. Leave the changing cap as is with the blade cap as this will be placed back on the housing.

Knife blade - How to change a Cricut Blade

Take the new blade out of its packaging and slot it into the Knife blade housing. You will see a rounded bump on the holder for the blade and one on the blade housing. Line up these two bumps and the blade will slot in easily.

Insert new Knife blade into housing - Cricut tips

Remove the white foam on the tip of the blade and use the changing cap to tighten the blade cap

QuickSwap Housing

The QuickSwap housing uses various different tooltips. You only need to swap out to either change the tip for a project or replace a worn out tip. At the top, press the plunger to release the bottom tool.

Press plunger on QuickSwap housing - Cricut tutorial

The tool will easily pop off so you can remove it.

QuickSwap housing tool removed

Select another tool, and then line up the square edges on both the tool and the housing. Press the plunger to slot the tool into place.

Align square sides on QuickSwap housing to swap out tools

Now you are ready for new and exciting crafting adventures!

We hope that these Cricut tips on how to change a Cricut blade have been helpful. Whether it’s changing out blades during a project or replacing lovingly used blades, you’re all sorted for future projects!

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