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How to colour and cut digital files in Silhouette

Posted on 1st February 2017

1- Open Silhouette.


2- Open the black and white file you would like to colour in.


3- Select the trace function and select your image.


4-  Turn off the high pass filter and adjust the threshold until all the black lines are solid yellow.


5-  Trace.


6- Next right click on the traced image and release the compound pass.


7-  Select each part of the image and use the fill colour option to colour the image.


8- Once you have finished colouring the image, fill the lines in black to match the original image. highlight all of the image, then select the line colour option and select transparent so the cut lines are no longer red.


9- Next with the image still selected group your image.


10- Next go to the cut file option and with your image selected check to see if the cut lines are on. if they are click on "no cut" to ensure they will not cut when doing your print and cut later on.


11- We now need to create an outline to cut your image. Select the offset image option and put a offset on your image.


12- Select registration marks.


13-  Select the print and cut settings to ensure the outline will cut. Then print your image on the media and cut with the silhouette.

Image is from and the image is from the Valentine graphics

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