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How to Remove Photo Effects in Pixascape
  • By Nadine Spires
  • 13 Jun 2022
  • 5 Mins
  • Beginner
  • Pixascape

How to Remove Photo Effects in Pixascape

Discover how you can easily remove photo effects, filters and overlays in Pixascape in 2 steps.

Do you want to know how to remove photo effects in Pixascape? We have a great tutorial for you today. Pixascape is an awesome browser based photo editing tool available to Plus Members. Not only can you add multiple photo editing effects, but you can also erase them on specific areas.

Before and After Remove effects in Pixascape

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In this tutorial we will be using a vintage house photo but you can use another Architecture photo if you choose.

Step 1 - Use the Effects Panel

Once you have opened your photo in Pixascape, edit the photo as needed. We have added a sketch effect by going to the Effects Panel, selecting Sketcher then clicking on SK001.

Add Effect to photo in Pixascape

Erase the Effect

In the SK001 option, click on the two lines with sliders for the Settings. Next, click on Erase then under Tool select the first one that looks like an Eraser. The tool will erase the effects on the image.

Click + drag over an area of the house to erase or hide the applied effect. The Brush Size, Brush Softness and Brush Intensity can be adjusted to get a better result.

Erase part of Effect in Pixascape

Paint back the Effect

Not only can you remove the effect, but you can paint it back in. Next to the Eraser tool, click on the Paintbrush tool.

Now, adjust the Brush Size to 5%. Click + drag to start painting back in areas where you want to keep the applied effect.

Paint back Effect in Pixascape

Step 2 - Use a Mask for a Better Selection

In Pixascape you have the option of using a mask to better create a selection.

Show the Effects Mask

To easily see what you are doing, you can activate the Show Mask slider. The red area is where the effect has been applied. What shows through are the erased areas. This helps in creating a neater selection.

Show mask when erasing effect Pixascape

Invert the Mask Selection

If needed, you can also invert the mask selection. All erased areas will be covered in a red mask. Using this option is very helpful when checking if you missed any spots.

Invert mask selection in Pixascape

If you want to undo and reset the changes, click on the Reset option. It looks like a circle going counterclockwise.

Reset the Effect settings in Pixascape

When you are done editing, click on Apply to commit to the changes.

Apply Effect editing in Pixascape

The Erase option works the same way with the Overly and Filters panels. You can easily add a Bokeh effect with the Overlay panel. Then partly erase so only certain areas have the overlay applied.

Why not have fun experimenting with the Snow Overlay options to get a festive result? As easy as that you can create unique projects when removing photo effects in Pixascape.

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