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How to warp text into the shape of an object in Inkscape

Posted on 11th December 2016
Ensure that your file has been downloaded and unzipped to use.

1- Open a new file in Inkscape.


2-  View > Custom > Zoom 1:1.


3- Open the Align and Distribute palette.


4- Open Edit colour gradient/stroke/fill palette.


5- Insert the shape you would like to use to create your warped text. Select OK when the pop up box appears.


6- Make sure you are working on only one layer.


7-  Write the text you want to warp into the shape. When writing the text make sure it is all in caps to keep it consistent in size.


8- From the drop down box select your font. for this technique a thick blocky font is best.


9- Select the shape and change the opacity to approx 50% so we can see when we adjust the text.


10- Select your text and then in the top toolbar select Path > object to path.


11- With the text still selected go to Path > Path effects editor.


12-  in the right palette select the + sign to apply a new effect (1). Then in the pop up window select Envelope deformation. Click Add.


13-  Hold Shift + click on the shape.


14- Select align to right in the align palette. Deselect everything.


15- Click on the text and drag the text to fit the shape.


16-  Turn off Enable left and right paths.



17- Select the top bend path icon in the right palette. (1). A green line will appear on your text.

Adjust the line to warp your text to fit your shape.

Repeat this with the bottom bend path (2).


18-  When you are happy with the warp you need to keep it in the shape. While the text is still selected select Path > object to path. This will lock the text in place so inkscape does not recognize the previous text we used.

19- Save the file.

Fonts are from and the file is called Luducudu font.

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