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Text to path in Inkscape

Posted on 20th February 2017
1- Open Inkscape.


2- Create  a shape to use for your text to path.


3-  Remove the fill from your shape.


4-  Apply stroke to your shape (this will give you the outline of your shape).


5-  Go to Path > Object to path.


6-  Create your text, select font and size.


7- Holding the Shift key, select the text and the shape.


8- Go to Text > Put on path.


9- The text is not to path on the circle. If you try to rotate it tho it will not follow the curve of the circle. We can do a little trick to ensure it follows the shape.


10 -  Select only the circle then select Ctrl + D. This will duplicate the circle.


11- Hold Shift + Ctrl and make the circle really small so you can hardly see it. Make sure it is in the middle of your bigger circle.


12-  Select the text. Click it a second time. a small + will appear in the middle of the text box.


13- Drag the + to the middle of your circle. Zoom in and place the + into the middle of the smaller 2nd circle.


14-  You will now be able to rotate your text around your shape.

Fonts are from and the font is called Lovely.

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