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Making envelope templates in SCAL4

Posted on 5th February 2018
*Note SCAL4 pro used.

1- Open SCAL4.

2- Create a square on your design space.

3- Create a large border using the rectangle tool around your design space about 1cm from the edge. This is so you can ensure you do not go over the page edge when designing your envelope.

4- Next create some templates for the envelope(guidelines) Make the following-

1 x horizontal rectangle 2cm thick

1 x horizontal rectangle 5 cm thick

2 x vertical rectangles 2 cm thick

5- Move the large horizontal rectangle over the square on your page. line up the top of the rectangle with the top of your square. Next place the thinner rectangle on the bottom of your square. lastly line up the vertical rectangle on the left and right side of your square.

6- Go to edit and click on select all.

7- Once everything is selected, go to object and lock everything in place.

This is so they do not move while you are drawing with the pen tool on the template.

8- Take your pen tool. Start at the top left cornet of your square and follow the template to create the envelope shape. Make sure you finish where you started to finalize the design.

9- You can see when you pull the design away it is now looking like a envelope. All it needs is the score lines in the middle.

Click undo to move your design back to where it was on the template.

10-  Go to edit and then select all.

11- Next go to object and click on unlock. Remove all the template rectangles and the large outline rectangle. All you should have left is the envelope design and the original square.

12- Select the square And change the setting to draw not cut. You can use the draw option to use a score tool in your cutter.

go to the preview option to double check that only the square will show as "draw/score"

13- Next select the scored square and the envelope shape then right click and group.

14- Now it is grouped, you can adjust the size to your envelope needs.

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