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Pop-Up Card creator tutorial for Silhouette V 4.1

Posted on 12th September 2017
1- Open Silhouette studio.

2- On the right toolbar select the pop up creator icon.

3- A new panel will appear.

4- Add the image or text you would like to use as the pop up design. Once you have the shape select it and click on Convert selected shapes to pop up icon.

5- You will see the program process the design, then a bunch of lines will appear.

6- If you look closely the new lines are the cut lines for the pop up card. We now need to add a card base for the program to cut.

7- Using the rectangle tool create a card base shape. Place over the newly made pop up shape.

8-  You will find a dash line with 2 red dots either end this is the fold line for your card. Click on each dot and drag to the edge of the card base you made.

9- If the shape does not pop out as much as you would like you can use the grey toggle to make the image pop out further. 

*business edition only

10- By using the base width slider tool (1) you can adjust the width of the base pop up(2).

11- If you adjust the min strut width(1) you can make the top part of the pop up smaller or wider (2).

12- The dash width(1) will adjust the size of your dash lines where you fold(2).

13- If you want to manually adjust the pop up struts you can select the release pop up icon. Then you can individually move them to suit your needs.

14- If you want to go back to the original image you can also use the restore original shape icon.

15- Your pop up card is ready to cut.

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