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Using the font creator in silhouette studio

1- Open silhouette studio. Click on the font creator tool.


2- A new panel will appear on your screen.


3- Click on the drop down box to change the font creator sheet to either A4 or letter.


4- Click on the font creator sheet icon. the sheet image will appear on your screen. Print the page.


5- Fill in the sheet with your own text using a black marker.

6- Click on the scan icon. A new window will appear. Click on the preview icon. The sheet will scan and appear on your screen.


7- Once you see the scanned page and are happy click on the scan icon. Thsi will scan it into the software.


8- The other option is the photo option. Take a picture of the sheet and then upload to your pc. Click on the photo icon.


9- Your sheet will upload into your pc and the letters will appear in the font creator.


10-Click on the font name and rename it to suit the font. then you need to test run the font.


11- Click on the test run icon. this will allow you to use the font in the program but will not save it when you close the program down.


12- Once you click on the test run a pop up box will appear and let you know that the font is uploaded.


13- To test type your text.


14- Select the new font in the text style panel.


15- If you are happy with the font, click on the save option. This way the new font will be saved on your PC as a .ttf file.

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