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Shadow lettering effect in Photoshop

Posted on 28th September 2017
1 - Open Photoshop.

2 - Create a new document.

3 - Select the Type Tool, select your desired font and add some text. (The font used is Alterlight from 90 pt).

4 - Align left and adjust spacing so the two lines of text overlap a little. (In this case it was 55 pt).

5 - Select your text and change the color to the one you want.

6 - Create a new layer by clicking the small icon at the bottom of the Layers Panel and name it “Shadows”.

7 - Before starting decide where your overlapping and shadows are going to be placed.

8 - Make sure your “Shadows” layer is selected and then use the Pen Tool (Selecting the Path drawing option) to draw a path that outlines the areas that overlap. Leave a good space around so your shadow won’t be cut. The area you want to select is the one that is going to be “under” the overlapping.

9 - Right Click your path and select “Make Selection” from the Pop Up menu. Leave the Feather value at 0.

10 - Right Click on top of your Shadows layer and select “Create Clipping Mask”. This will keep the Shadows layer clipped to Text layer.

11 - Use the Brush tool and choose black for foreground color and make your brush Size 30 px, 0% Hardness and 10% Opacity. Paint inside your selection to create a shadow effect.

12 - Repeat the process in other overlapping areas.

13 - Check the finished Text.

14 - Now we can make some adjustments if you consider this step to be necessary. Choose the Eraser Tool with similar settings as the ones for the Paint Brush (Maybe 20% Opacity instead of 10%) and clean some of the color.

15 - As a finishing touch, let’s make a drop shadow. Select your Text Layer (Not Shadows) and click the Layer Style button in the bottom of the menu.

16 - Select “Drop Shadow” and apply the following settings: 25% Opacity, 90 degree angle, a value of 10 in the three boxes (Distance, Extension and Size) and a Radius of 0%.

17 - Don’t forget to save your work.

by @lornacane

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