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Turn your photo into a pencil drawing in Photoshop

Posted on 20th February 2017
1- Open Photoshop.


2- Select your photo.


3- Right click on your photo in the layers tab and select duplicate layer.


4- Go to filters > Blue > Smart Blur.


5- Adjust your image to smooth out the defined lines and shapes in your photo.


6-  Next we need to adjust the levels. Go to Image > Adjustments >  Levels. (Ctrl+L)


7- Adjust the levels to again smooth out your image. 26 - 1.30 - 240 9s a good place to start then adjust accordingly.


8- Next We need to duplicate the layer again. Right click the first duplicate layer and copy it.


9- Go to Filter > filter gallery.


10- Select brush strokes > Accented Edges. Adjust the edge width, edge brightness and smoothness.



11- This will give you the final coloured pencil look.


To create a black and white pencil effect.

12- With your original image duplicate the layer.



13- Select the adjustment button and then select the hue/saturation option.


14- Adjust the saturation to the lowest possible option. This will make your photo black and white.


15- Next, select the blend mode option and then select color dodge.


16- With your duplicate layer selected use Ctrl + I to invert your image.


17- your image will go white, this is fine. Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur.


18-  A new window will appear. Adjust the radius. This will start to create your penciled effect.


19- Select the Adjustment icon again, this time select Levels.


20-  Adjust the levels to create contrast.


21- Your pencil effect is now finished.

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