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Using the foil quill on acetate with the Brother scan and cut machine

CM900 model used.

1- Open scan n cut canvas workspace. Select the shape tools. (or upload your own design)

2- Add your design to the workspace.

3- With the design selected, go to properties and in the drop down box select draw.

4- Go to file- Transfer FCM via the internet. (If you do not have a wireless version you can transfer via USB)

5- A pop up window will appear to let you know your file has transferred.

6- Go to your Brother scan n cut machine and click on the pattern icon.

7- Click on the transfer icon.

8- your design will appear on your workspace. Click on the scan icon.

9- Your media on the mat with the foil will be scanned. You can now resize or move your design so it is over the foil and media. Click OK.

10- Click on draw. Foe acetate i use the settings Speed 4 and pressure 0 or 1 depending on the foil i am using.

11- Place your foil quill in your machine and click start. Remember to make sure that you have let your foil quill heat for a min of 5 minutes.

12- Your design will be foiled. It is good to note that as there is no flexibility in acetate like there is in say card stock, your design will appear foiled a lot thinner than using the same tip on card. I recommend to use a thicker tip if you do not want the design fine. (I used the medium tip with this design)

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