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Water drops Effect Photoshop

Posted on 13th October 2017
You will need an image of something that would have droplets of water. In this case we used an image of big leafed plant.

1 – Open your image or paste it into your Photoshop document.

2 – Create a New Layer, set its Blending Mode to Overlay and select the “Elliptical Marquee Tool” (M) and create a shape that will become your water droplet.

3 - Set the foreground color to black and the background to white then select the “Gradient Toll” (G), select the Black-White gradient and drag it across the selected area.

4 – Double click on your layer to invoke the “Blending Options” dialog apply the following values for the “Drop Shadow” option: Leave the Blend Mode as Multiply, set an Opacity of 50% with an angle of 146 degrees, Distance of 4 px and a 9 px Size. And to the “Inner Shadow” option: Leave the Blend Mode as Multiply, set an Opacity of 75% with an angle of -28 degrees, Distance of 6 px and a 21 px Size. Click Ok. You can always tweak the values to your liking.

5 – To add a highlight to the droplet, click the letter X to switch Foreground and Background colors, select your brush tool and make the brush size 10 pixels and its hardness 100% and paint a small dot on top of your droplet. Copy your Layer Style or Save it for later use and create more shapes. Is better to do each droplet in a separate Layer and later group them together so you can move the around.

6 – Or you can draw other shapes with the “Lasso Tool” (L).

7 -  When you are finished select the “Blur Tool” to smooth out the borders of the droplets a bit.

8 – Your drops should look like this.

by @lornacane

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