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Adding photos to text in Silhouette

Posted on 1st February 2017

1- Open up Silhouette Studio.


2- Type your text.


3-  Select the font you would like to use. I have chosen Luducudu font.


4- adjust the spacing in between the letters.


5- Ungroup your text.


6- Select your letter.


7-  Go to File > Merge.  Select the photo you would like to add to your letter and click and drag to the letter on your design space.


8-  Repeat the above step with every letter.


9- We now need to move the image around inside the letter. to do this you need to select Fill Pattern.


10-  Select advanced options in the Fill pattern section.


11- Adjust the angle of your image.


12- Select Pan Pattern. A small circle will appear in the middle of your letter/image. You can move this little circle about which will adjust the photo withing the letter.


13- Next select scale pattern. You can adjust the image to fit your letter.


14-  Once you are happy with the images in the letter group them together.


15-  Finally to cut and print select the registration marks.

16-  This technique can be also used to fill the letters with patterns and gradients.

The font is from the font is called Luducudu.

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