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Create a shadow effect in Illustrator

Posted on 28th September 2017
1 - Open Illustrator and create a New Document, or use an existing one.

2 - Add some text using the "Type" tool from your Toolbox. Select the font you want. In this case we used Larquette Typeface from Change the size to your liking.

3 - Choose the "Typography Workspace" from the menu and create some separation between letters by adjusting the "Tracking" to 10.

4 -  Once you are happy with your text go to Type > Create Outlines or click Shift + Command/Control + O tu turn the text into a vector. Keep in mind that after doing this you won't be able to change your word.

5 - Then go to Window > Pathfinder or in the "Layouts Workspace" click the "Pathfinder" icon to open the window. Apply the first setting "Unite" to your text.

6 - Go to Object > Path > Offset Path and apply an Offset of 2 mm, Joins: Round and a Mitter limit of 4 then click "Ok" /Feel free to experiment with the values).

7 - Select the Offset path you created and chance Fill and/or Stroke color. You can also change the Stroke with.

8 - Go to Edit > Copy or click Command/Control + C and then Edit > Paste in Back or Command/Control + B then move your copied shape a couple of clicks down and right using the Arrow keys. Change the Fill color to gray and Stroke color to none.

9 - Select the first Offset path and change the Fill and Stroke color to white.

by @lornacane

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