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Creating a tattoo with the foil quill in silhouette studio

*Note- with this technique the color of the foil is not relevant. The back of the foil will be the color of the tattoo (most foils back side will be silver or gold.)

1- Open silhouette studio and click on the file drop down box.


2- Click on the open file.


3- Select your file. I am using patterned animals from designbundles.net


4- Select the design and then click on the fill icon.


5- Remove the color.


6- Resize the design. Click on the sketch tool.


7- Select the sketch fill and adjust the spacing so the design is filled.


8- Go to the send screen. For tattoo paper I recommend the media option of patterned paper, then set your speed to 5 and the force to 18 and pass 1. Make sure the sketch tool is selected.


9- Tape down the glossy part of your tattoo paper. I am using the Silhouette brand of tattoo paper.

It is good to remember if you have text to reverse the text so it is the right way for the final result.


10- Tape down the foil over the tattoo paper. I am using a magnetic mat so I am using magnets to hold the foil down instead.


11- Run through your foil machine.


12- Once the tattoo paper is foiled,remove from the mat.


13- Place the 2nd part of the tattoo paper over the tattoo.(the adhesive part.)


14- Using a scraper rub hard on the design.


15- Cut the tattoo out of the paper.


16- Carefully remove the plastic from the tattoo paper. The adhesive will now be on the tattoo paper.


17- Follow the placement instructions on your tattoo paper and adhere to your body. You can see that the foil design will transfer great.


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