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Glow effect in Photoshop

Posted on 16th September 2017
1- Open Photoshop.

2- Open your image.

3- Go to Image > mode > and ensure RGB mode is selected and 8bit channel is selected.

4- Duplicate the background image. Next select the duplicate layer and right click. Select convert to smart object.

5-Select the blending mode and change to screen.

6- Go to filter > Blur > Gaussian blur.

7- Change the radius to 10 px. Click OK.

8- Create a new adjustment layer and select color balance.

9-  We now need to change the shadows. I use the following settings Cyan -26, Magenta -26, yellow +2 .

10- Now we need to change the mid tones - Cyan -6, Magenta - 15, yellow +11.

11- Finally the highlights - Cyan -30, magenta -6, yellow +22. then close the window.

12- Ensure the adjustment layer is selected and then click Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E. This will merge the layers.

13-Make sure the new merged layer is selected and change the blending mode to screen.


14-  Create a new layer.

15- with the new layer selected make sure the foreground colour is set to white (1) and then select the brush tool (2).

16- Select a bokeh brush. If you do not have one you can check out the Bokeh photoshop brushes from

17- Using the brush create a Bokeh effect around your image. Make sure you change the size of the circles when creating your effect.

18- Finally adjust the opacity of the effect to suit your needs.

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