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How to create a glow effect in Canva.

1- Open Canva and select your design size.


2- Your design space will appear in a new window. Click on the shapes icon.


3- Pick the shape you would like to create a glow effect on.


4-  With the shape selected click on the colour picker and change the colour of your shape.


5- Copy your shape.


6- Click on the copied icon and then the transparency, adjust to 80%


7- Resize the shape so it is a little bigger than the previous circle. Copy the 80% transparency shape.



8-  The new shape can be adjusted to 60% transparency.


9- Resize to slightly larger than the previous shape. Repeat another time this time with 40% transparency and larger again than the previous shape.



10- Select all of the shapes and group. Your glow effect will show up clearer over dark backgrounds.

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