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How To Calibrate The Pixscan Mat In Silhouette Designer Software

Posted on 5th February 2017
Video Tutorial

The Pixscan mat is an amazing added feature to your Silhouette machine. It allows you to do the following-

* Cut specific parts out of photos you have taken and printed.

* Cut out individual images from scrapbook papers.

* Digitize your stamp collection.

* Save paper, with the pixscan mat you do not need to print registration marks on your work and can print all the way to the edge of the media, then place on the pixscan mat.

* If you forget to add registration marks to a project you can use the pixscan mat as an alternative.

* Cut out your own or your children's drawings to use on other projects.

*Fussy cut your pieces for such things as 3D decoupage.

1- Open Silhouette software.


2-Select the pixscan icon. A new window will appear on the right.


3- Select the Import to file icon, this will make a new drop down option appear. Select the Camera calibration option > Show calibration test card.

You will see that a page with hundreds of dots will appear on your screen. This is the test card.


4- Select the print option and print your test card on paper.


5- Once you have printed it, take a photo of the page with the camera/smartphone you would like to calibrate. When taking the photo ensure you have a flat surface and the area is well lit. Take the photo straight over the calibration page to ensure its straight. Import the photo to your PC.

6- Go back to your silhouette software. select the + icon on the camera calibration section. Select it. A new window will appear. Select your dot photo. and click open.


7-  The software will take a few seconds to calibrate and then on the right you will see the camera appear on the right side.

Your camera is now calibrated. You only need to calibrate your camera once. The software will save the setting for future use.

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