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How to calibrate a silhouette in V4.1

Posted on 1st November 2017
1- Open silhouette Studio. Click on the send icon.

2- Once in the send screen, right click on the cameo icon and select calibration.

3- On the new screen at the top you have a choice of calibration or distance alignment. Select calibration(1). Next click on print test page.

4-  In the print screen you will see the calibration image appear. Print.

5- Once printed go back to the calibration page. If it does not automatically send you to the calibration page, re click the send icon.

6- Place your test page onto the mat and load into your machine.

7- Align the blade holder with the blue arrows to move it to the top left corner of each cross and click calibrate.

Repeat this and follow the prompts.

Once finished click exit.


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