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How To Use the Pixscan Mat In Silhouette

Posted on 5th February 2017
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The Pixscan mat is an amazing added feature to your Silhouette machine. It allows you to do the following-

* Cut specific parts out of photos you have taken and printed.

* Cut out individual images from scrapbook papers.

* Digitize your stamp collection.

* Save paper, with the pixscan mat you do not need to print registration marks on your work and can print all the way to the edge of the media, then place on the pixscan mat.

* If you forget to add registration marks to a project you can use the pixscan mat as an alternative.

* Cut out your own or your children's drawings to use on other projects.

*Fussy cut your pieces for such things as 3D decoupage.

1- Open Silhouette software.

2- Take the image/media you would like to use with the pixscan software and place on the pixscan mat. Take a photo of the mat with the image on it, using the camera you have calibrated with the software. Upload onto your PC.

*When taking the image ensure you take the picture in a well lit area and as straight on as possible. Also ensure that the whole mat is photographed and fills your photo screen area as much as it can.

3- Select the pixscan icon. a window will open on the side. It may take a few seconds to load.

Select import from file and on the drop down box, select import pixscan image from file.

A new window will open and you can select the photo you took.


4-  The image will now start to load. you will be able to preview the file on the right as it loads. This may take a few mins, depending on the size of the file.


5-  Once the file loads you will see that the pixscan mat will replace the regular mat on the work space. you will also see the photo you took now on the pixscan work space.

*NOTE- At this point is is important not to adjust any sizes. The image you have imported is exact to the size on the mat so when you cut it will cut in the correct area.


6- We want to now trace our images. Select the trace icon and trace you images.

*You can read on how to trace in detail with the silhouette HERE


7- Once you have traced your image you will now need to right click and release the compound path. this is so all images are individual rather than a grouped image.

It is important to do this as when you trace with the pixscan you tend to trace more than just the images themselves.


8- As you can see below there are small cut areas that the trace function picked up. we need to remove these so they do not cut. Check over the whole area and where you see these little extra bits delete them.



9- Now you have deleted all those little extra cut lines you can go ahead and cut. Select the cut settings. double check to see that your outlines have highlighted ready to be cut.


10- Place the pixscan mat into your silhouette and then select cut. the machine will now pick up the registration marks on the pixscan mat and cut your images out.

Image is from and the file is called Valentine.

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