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How to trace multi coloured images in Silhouette

Posted on 1st February 2017

The following tutorial shows how to trace an image in Silhouette Studio. In order to do this you must ensure you have purchased the correct license for the image you are going to trace. If you have downloaded the item for free please ensure you have the authors permission/license to edit, change/alter the image.

1- Open Silhouette.


2- Open the image you would like to convert into different layers. This may be used for layering vinyl or even to just change the colours of an image.


3-  Select the trace function.


4- Draw around the image and then unselect the high pass filter. when you are happy with the tracing click on the trace icon.


5- Drag your image away from the trace lines.


6- Select the trace lines and right click. select release compound path. this will make all trace lines separate.


7- Each trace selection can now be coloured to match the image.(or different colours if you require)


8- Move the trace image parts to one side. Re select the trace icon and trace the original image again.


9-  Unselect the highpass filter then adjust the threshold. adjust till different parts of the image is selected. Select Trace.


10-  Select the newly traces lines and right click. then release compound path again.


11- Pick the selections you require for your layers.


12- Colour the traced image parts.


13- Repeat the above steps till all the parts of your image are traced and coloured.

14-  Place the individual layers together to look like your original image.


15-  but as you can see below the newly traced layers are all separate ready to cut and layer.


The file is from and is from the Valentine collection.


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