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How to Create a Watercolor Text Effect in DesignScape
  • By Nadine Spires
  • 11 Feb 2022
  • 11 Mins
  • Beginner
  • DesignScape

How to Create a Watercolor Text Effect in DesignScape

In this tutorial, learn how to create a watercolor text effect from scratch in DesignScape.

Would you like to learn how to create a watercolor text effect in DesignScape? Then follow our tutorial as we guide you step by step. Watercolor text has the feel of brush strokes dipped in watered down paint. It adds a creative and handmade texture to your projects. We will show you how to create a watercolor text effect from scratch.

Watercolor Text Effect Mockup

DesignScape is a browser based editing program available to Gold Plus Members. We do have a free 30-day trial if you want to give the Gold Plus Membership and DesignScape a try.

We chose to use a wedding script font called Stephanie but we have tons of great modern script fonts to choose from.

Step 1 - Create the Watercolor Effect

Once you have opened DesignScape, create a new project with the dimensions 1500 x 1000 px and 300 DPI. We are going to start without a color fill and instead add that later. This will allow us to change the color whenever we want.

Apply Clouds Filter

Now, go to Filter > Render > Clouds.

Apply Clouds Filter in DesignScape

Below is the result of adding the Clouds filter.

Clouds Filter applied in DesignScape

Add Filters from Gallery

We are now going to add multiple filters from the Filter Gallery. Click on Filter > Filter Gallery. In the Filter Gallery your image may go dark as the Glowing Edges filter is automatically applied.

Under the Brush Strokes category, click on Sprayed Strokes. You will see the filter name on the right change to Sprayed Strokes. We used the following settings.

Stroke Length: 15

Spray Radius: 8

Direction: Right DiagonalAdd Sprayed Strokes Filter

Add a New Filter Layer

Each time you want to add a filter, you need to click on the New filter layer icon bottom right. Click to add a new filter and a duplicate of the current filter will be created.

Add new filter layer in DesignScape

With the top layer selected, under the Brush Category click on Spatter. The following settings were used.

Spray Radius: 15

Smoothness: 6Use Splatter Filter in DesignScape

Create Additional Filters

To create the watercolor effect, we need to add another three filters. Keep in mind that each filter needs a New filter added first. We added the following filters beginning with the top one. The Dry Brush filter will be added twice.

Select Dry Brush (filter three) under the category Artistic. Use the following settings:

Brush Size: 4

Brush Detail: 8

Texture: 1

Select Underpainting (filter four), under the Artistic category

Brush Size: 40

Texture Coverage: 40

Texture: Canvas

Scale: 100

Relief: 0

Light: Top

For the last filter, again select Dry Brush (filter five)

Brush Size: 10

Brush Detail: 10

Texture: 1

Once all the filters have been added, click OK.Additional filters added to effect

Step 2 - Add your Text and Color

We are now ready to add our text and color.

Add a Color Overlay

First, we are going to add a Color Overlay. To do this click on the eff icon at the bottom of the Layers Panel. Then select Color Overlay.Change color of overlay

Next, change the Blend Mode to Overlay. If you want a lighter version you can try Screen as the blend mode. Then click Ok to close out of the Layer Style panel. If you want to change the color simply click on the eff icon on the Background layer or the selected layer.Change color overlay blend mode

Create your Text Object

On the left side toolbar, click on the text tool and create your text. You can leave the color fill as black as the color is not important. We need to move the Text layer beneath the Background layer.

Under the Layers Panel, click and drag down the Text layer so it sits beneath the Background layer.Move text layer below background

Hold Ctrl + click on the Text layer to make a selection.Make selection of text layer

Now, with the selection still active, click on the Background layer. Right click and select Clipping Mask. Then, go to the top menus, click on Select > Deselect.Create clipping mask in DesignScape

Step 3 - Edit the Text Layer

Let’s add an Inner Glow from the Layer Style panel to soften the edges of the text. At the bottom of the Layers Panel, click on eff > Inner Glow.Add Inner Glow Layer Style

The settings for the Inner Glow can be adjusted as needed but we used the following settings.

Blend Mode: Normal

Opacity: 80%

Noise: 0%

Click on the Color Picker box and choose white. Leave the Gradient as is.

Technique: Softer

Source: Edge

Spread: 0%

Size: 6 px

Contour: Roundy Hill

Range: 100%

Jitter: 0%

Then click OK.Adjust Inner Glow settings

Step 4 - Add the Final Touches

Let us add the final touches such as a canvas background then adjust the blending modes.

Change Background Blend Mode

We decided to change the blending mode of the background and make it lighter. This is the great thing of working non-destructively, you can go back and change what you want. Double click on the eff icon on the Background layer.

In the Layer Style panel, make sure to click on the Color Overly option. Change the Blend Mode to Screen.Change blend mode of background

Add a Canvas Background

Next, add a canvas background for a more realistic look. We used a digital canvas paper from the Plus Hub but any canvas background will work.

Drag and drop the canvas background into DesignScape. Then, click and drag down the canvas background until it’s the bottom most layer.

Add in canvas background

Change the Text Layer Blend Mode

Click on the Text layer to select it then click on the Blend Mode > Linear Burn.Change blend mode of text layer

That’s it, you have created a watercolor text effect in DesignScape. Remember, your Background layer is non-destructive. This means you can click on the eff icon on the layer, then change the color with the Color Picker.Change color of background

We hope that you enjoyed learning how to create a watercolor text effect in DesignScape. This technique can be applied creatively across so many different projects. DesignScape is an awesome editing program feature packed for your designing needs.

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