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How to Start a New Project in DesignScape
  • By Kia Lor
  • 01 Nov 2021
  • 4 Mins
  • Beginner
  • DesignScape

How to Start a New Project in DesignScape

Learn how to start a new project in DesignScape, an online photo editing software.

Are you new to DesignScape and wondering how to start a new project? It's so easy to do, and you'll be working on awesome designs in no time!

DesignScape is available for Gold Plus Members only. It's a great alternative to Photoshop/Illustrator at no extra cost! This program is all online, so you don't need to download it, taking up even more space on your hard drive. You can even import fonts! If you're interested, sign up today for a Free 30 Day Trial of the Gold Plus Membership!

Step 1 - Access DesignScape on the Plus Membership Page

On the Plus Membership page, click DesignScape underneath the large banner.

How to Start a New Project in DesignScape 1

Step 2 - Start a New Project by Clicking File Then New

Click File in the top menu. Then click New (Alt+Ctrl/Cmd+N).

How to Start a New Project in DesignScape 2

Step 3 - Enter the Settings to Create a New Blank Project or Use a Template

You can start from scratch and create a new blank project or select a template to use.

New Blank Project

On the left side of the New Project dialog, you can input a name, the dimensions (width and height), the resolution (DPI), and pick what color you want the background to be.

You can enter the dimensions and resolution yourself or select from the list of presets down below depending on the use case of your new project.

Click the Create button after you have entered all the settings.

How to Start a New Project in DesignScape 3

Use a Template

On the right side of the New Project dialog, you can enter a keyword to search for premade templates. You can filter the list of templates in a few different ways, and you can click the Randomize button to get a list of random templates.

The dimensions entered on the left side will affect the templates and their previews on the right side.

Clicking on a template will automatically open it for editing.

How to Start a New Project in DesignScape 5

You just created a new project!

How to Start a New Project in DesignScape 5

Note: if you change the DPI after you've already created your project, the size of your image will also change.

How to Start a New Project in DesignScape 6

Have you tried out DesignScape yet? Let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

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