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How to Create an Email Signature in DesignScape
  • By Kia Lor
  • 25 Apr 2022
  • 14 Mins
  • Intermediate
  • DesignScape

How to Create an Email Signature in DesignScape

Learn how to create an email signature in DesignScape to improve your brand appearance and marketing

You can create professional and visually appealing email signatures using DesignScape, which is what we’ll be showing you today. Your email signature should provide information about you and your company along with a call to action or marketing element.

DesignScape is an excellent alternative to Illustrator/Photoshop and is only available to Gold Plus Members, but we have an amazing deal for you! You can sign up for a free 30-day trial of the Gold Plus Membership today if you are not a member yet!

How to Create an Email Signature in DesignScape

We used a photo of a woman holding a glass of juice to create our headshot image, but you should use your own headshot.

You can follow along and use the design we came up with, make your own email signature design, or use a template. The design elements we’re using are all optional, so feel free to use all, some, none, or edit them to fit your branding.

Step 1 - Set Up the New Project for an Email Signature

When creating a new project in DesignScape, enter 600 x 300 px for the dimensions. We have a tutorial on creating a new project in DesignScape that you can check out if needed.

Step 2 - Add Borders

We’ll add some color to the top and bottom of the email signature. Select the Rectangle tool (U) and pick the Fill color. We chose a shade of pink ( #f49fa9). Then click on the artboard and enter 600 for the Width, 6 for the Height, and press OK.

Create a 600x6 rectangle using the Rectangle Tool and pick the Fill color

Select the Move Tool (V) and click + drag the rectangle to the top center of the artboard. Your rectangle should snap into place.

Make another rectangle that’s 600 x 34 pixels and align it to the bottom center.

The thin rectangle is at the top of the artboard and the thicker rectangle is at the bottom

For more information on using the shape tools, look at our guide for creating shapes in DesignScape.

Step 3 - Add Email Signature Elements

There's some important information that you should always include in your email signature, and we’ll go through each one.


Import Image

People like to put faces to names, so we'll include a headshot. Whether you use a professionally taken headshot or not depends on your line of work. No matter what, make sure it’s a nice photo. Import your image by going to File > Open & Place.

Note: you could also drag + drop the image file onto the DesignScape artboard.

Shows to click on File and then Open & Place in DesignScape

Once the image has loaded, click the checkmark in the top toolbar or press Enter for now.

Shows to click the checkmark in the top toolbar in DesignScape

Create a Circle

Select the Ellipse tool (U) and pick a color in the top toolbar for the Stroke. Hold down Shift and click + drag to draw a circle.

The Ellipse tool is selected and a circle is drawn over the subject's upper body area

Using the Move Tool (V), resize and place the circle where you want your headshot to be cropped. Make sure Transform controls is enabled in the top toolbar, so you can resize using the handles on the bounding box. Then select the Ellipse tool again and pick a Fill color.

Rearrange Layers and Create a Clipping Mask

Click + drag the circle layer below the headshot layer in the Layers panel.

Circle layer is dragged below the headshot layer in the Layers panel in DesignScape

Now, right-click on the headshot image layer and select Clipping Mask. We also have a tutorial on how to use clipping masks in DesignScape if you'd like to know more.

Shows to right-click on the headshot layer and then choose Clipping Mask

Resize and Move Headshot

With the Move Tool (V), select both the circle and headshot layers. Then scale and move the headshot to the left side of the artboard between the borders.Select headshot and circle layers and then move and/or resize them with the Move Tool

Name, Job Title, and Company

Another key part of the email signature is your name, job title, and company. We’ll be putting all the text to the right of the headshot.

Select the Type Tool (T). Pick your font and font color in the top toolbar. Then click on the artboard and type your information. If you’re new to DesignScape, our guide on text basics in DesignScape may help you.

We used the font, Better Grade, for our first name and the bold sans serif font, Cedric, for our last name. You may want to read our tutorial on how to import fonts into DesignScape if you'd like to use your own fonts. The rest of the text in the email signature uses the font called Cabin that comes preloaded in DesignScape.

Our first name is of the same color as the borders, and the rest of the text is in black, but pick colors that match your brand.

Shows how to select the font and font color and add text using the Type Tool in DesignScape

Company Logo

A company logo isn’t necessary, but it’s great for branding. Import your logo the same way as the headshot. Scale it down if needed and place it under the headshot.

Shows the current look of the email signature with a company logo under the headshot

Company Address and Website

Include a physical address and website. You can add icons to the front of each line if you’d like.

Shows current state of the email signature design with an address and website added

If you want to use icons, you can try using the Custom Shape tool in DesignScape. Right-click on one of the shape tools and select Custom Shape (U).

Shows how to select the Custom Shape tool in DesignScape

Search for and select a custom shape from the list in the top toolbar.

Shows where to find the list of custom shapes in DesignScape

Social Media Icons

Social media is essential in this day and age, so you should include icons of the social media platforms that you're on.

You can use the Custom Shape tool again, but if an icon is not available, try one of these social media icon sets instead.

Shows email signature with social media icons added below the website

Marketing Banner

Email signatures are an excellent place for additional marketing. You can add a call to action, information about an event, promote new products, etc.

We changed the font color to white and placed the text in the center of the bottom rectangle.

Shows the email signature with additional marketing information at the bottom

Step 4 - Add Extra Design Elements

It’s up to you whether you’d like to add these extra design elements to your email signature or not.

Add Divider Under Job Title and Company

We added a line under the job title and company name with the Pen tool (P) to add a little division between the top and bottom text areas.

Shows the email signature with a divider line under the job title and company name

Add Squares Behind the Headshot

Behind our headshot, we added some squares with the Rectangle tool. You can hold down Shift and click + drag to create a square. Set the Fill to none, set the Stroke to the same color as the borders, and set the Stroke Weight to 3 pt.

Then Copy (Ctrl/Cmd + C) and Paste (Ctrl/Cmd + V) the square. Slightly rotate the duplicate square clockwise using the Move Tool (V). Pick the same color for the Fill as the Stroke.

Shows the email signature with square shapes behind the headshot

Add Border to Headshot

To add a border around your headshot, select the circle layer, Copy (Ctrl/Cmd + C) it, and Paste (Ctrl/Cmd + V) it. Remove the Fill and ensure the circle border layer is above the headshot clipping mask layers.

Shows the email signature with a border around the headshot in DesignScape

Again, you can create this email signature using any color. Take a look at some of our other color examples down below.

Shows examples of the email signature in different colors like green, sky blue, and orange

Your email signature is complete! Now you know how to create an email signature in DesignScape. Again, this is how we designed our email signature, but you’re free to change things up and style it to fit your branding or line of work. We hope you make the most out of your email signature and what you’ve learned in this tutorial!

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